Feb 22, 1999
I was at a gun show in Lakeland Fla. last weekend..In addition to making a nice deal on a Ruger Mini-30 I had the opportunity to handle one of the Crawford Kasper Fighiting Folders..What a handful! It really felt great "in hand".. Very solid and the blade was like a razor. Now the bad news...I had the vendor down to $355 from $375 and then I backed out and thanked him for his time and patience..I also hear a lot of talk in this forum about the sebenza which I imagine costs about the same price. Money is not really the issue but but I am the type that believes that beauty is in function.Is this knife really worth it? Please no philisophical answers about how value is in the eye of the beholder blah blah..Please shoot me the real poop if you have an opinion.I should say that I feel that a folder (for me) should be a back up weapon for my Glock 23 i.e a secondary fighting weapon,should be able to be at my side for every day chores and should be sharp,strong and reliable as a back-up to my empty-hand skills in place where a firearm or fixed blade is not with me.(remember I live in the always hot and humid state of Florida). So tell me my friends what do you think of the KFF? Who owns one? Happy with it?. Up until now my favorite folders (that I own) are Spyderco-Military,,Benchmade-Striker,MICRO-TECH Socom, and EDI-Genesis..Thanks in advance..Rob L. A.K.A "Bo"..

I have the KFF and pretty much carry it daily. It's intended as defensive knife and for that purpose it's a great knife, the razor sharp (hollow grind) edge, the belly for slashing, the upswept point for penetration. The handle itself fills the hand with a secure grip. The bird's beak pommel has it's function.

I don't have a sebenza. Many speak highly of it. It has a great lock making it reliable for defensive purposes. I bought the Pinnacle which is a bow to the Reeve design. The handle on the Pinnacle (by inference the Sebenza?) has a good grip but not as secure as the KFF. The Sebenza edge is always touted also for being razor sharp, alot having to do with the geometry.

Sounds like if you looking for a utility with defensive possibilities, go with the Sebenza. If you want pure defensive knife, go with the KFF.

If you want the KFF, you may want to hold off until you handle Crawford's Carnivour with the REKAT designed rolling lock. Although the KFF liner lock is the best I've seen and have, the RL is touted to be stronger and safer. For this reason, I have a Crawford custom Carnivour on order. Hopefully, it'll arrive in a couple of weeks. (6-7 week wait period when I ordered.)


The KFF is my daily carry knife. Among the folders that I own are BM AFCKs, a Cold Steel tanto Voyager and a Pacific Cutlery Balisong. The KFF is by far my favorite folder. It has a very secure handle for thrusting and slashing. I also had Pat Crawford make a KFF with a dull edge and blunt tip for use on my heavy bag and Fighting Man dummy.

Months of training have assured me of the secure design of the handle. I feel very confident that my hand will not shift on the handle. I can't say that for the rest of my folders.

The Carnivour also appears to have a very good handle. It is said to be a combination of the KFF and Crawford Shark designs. I prefer the broader blade on the KFF for self-defense use. I also prefer the pinky hook on the KFF.

I have a KFF with the Rolling lock on order from Pat Crawford. I should be getting it in June. When I receive it, I will probably be putting my liner lock KFF on sale at discount. I have not had any problem with the liner lock on my carry KFF, but I like the extra security touted by the Rolling lock. Let me know if you're interested in my KFF.

I also have a damascus blade mini-KFF. I like it a lot, but because of its reduced size it is not as good for self-defense as the larger KFF.

For everyday normal use, the Sebenza is hard to beat. For a purely tactical use knife there are other choices that may be better, the Crawford KFF is one. For your first custom/premium knife, I would suggest the Sebenza because you will enjoy using it so much in normal everyday tasks. I do sell them though, so that may have an influence on my preference for that knife.

Thanks for the reply..I foresee a Crawford KFF and or Carnivour in my near future!!