Crawford Rolling lock, carnivor

Oct 21, 1998
Just recieved the newest crawford in my collection, it is the carnivor, yea I have an escalator , pioneer , pocket hobbit, hobbit warrior, but own more than "just" rekats, now the best of both worlds1!!!!! JUst slightly smaller than my Kasper and a much finer finish than the rekats, same shape as the Kasper, but what a feel and the deep carry clip is even better than my genisis, though the carnivor is a little bulkier, I would trust my life to this folder and the EDI just looks frail in comparison. In fact the only liner or leaf locks I really trust are the large and small cris reves..THe operating mech on the new crawford is a slide button on the left side and as yet zap flip opening is incumbered compared to the pioneer and hobbit configurations. But this may change with practice, after all I have over a year with the Origional Bob Taylor design and time has a way of working things out. HAil to the new rolling lock, it's truley confidence inspriring. For $375. it's a bargain..MIKEM