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Crazy knifelaws

Oct 28, 1998
I would like to tell you a litle about the knifelaws in my country, Denmark.
They are mainly made to avoid bikers and criminals carrying blades(we also have very strict gunlaws(no handguns for civilians)).
You are allowed to carry any knife as long as it is juring a legal buisness(hunting, fishing etc). You can carry it on your person directly till and from the activity.
The only blades you can carry on your person on a everyday basis is a folder vith a blade no longer than 7 cm (aprox 2,75 inch)
It is not allowed to carry a fixed blade on a regular basis. Not even under the 7cm law.
One hand openers and autos are illigal. (I own and carry several Spyderco´s, but I got my self the carbonfibered Calypso so I at leats didnt break the 7 cm rule.(Carried a Endura before) Not all cops in Denmark know the Spyder one hand opening trick, so I might get by)

I think this is very sad for knifenuts like us to have such laws agains us. But noting much to do about it. But what they can´t see the cant blame....

Jens Anso, ansoknives@hotmail.com
(check out my homepage)

Anso, although your laws are very strict, at least they are consistent. In America there are so many laws for different jurisdictions a knife carrying person can never be sure if he/she is breaking the law. In some places there are no blade length laws, other places regulate things like lockblades. My policy is to be low key with any blade and only take it out when I am doing work with it.