CRK M16 or Camillus CUDA?

Mar 28, 2000

I'm looking for a good knife to carry and use. i was considering the cuda full size and the m16 4 inch. price is not an issue, but which is a better knife?

Also why do some people prefer point and some prefer tanto? and partial serrated vs. regular edge?

any opinions would be greatly appreciated. thanks

I have neither of there knives.

If you are buying a user, I think you should not buy a knife with tanto point. M16 is only available as tanto (if you are thinking 4 in model). This reasoning obviously pushes you towards CUDA that is available also with spear point. If you are willing to buy a little shorter blade m16-03 is 3,5 in long and it is plain edged and spear pointed.

I don't cut rope or string wery often so I gain no benefit of serrated edges. Partially serrated knife offers worst of both worlds IMO. Some love serrated and partilally serrated knives. Serrated edge is harder to maintain with out proper equipment.

CUDA is made of better steel. It's edge is thicker. I don't know about actual edge angles but I guess that cuda is blunter(because of the thicker edge) --> poorer cutter.

CUDA should be better knife if its price is justified. M-16 is wery good knife for money - some say that it offers most knife for that kind of money.

If some one put these two before me I'd take CUDA as steel matters to me.
Neither one! I have had 2 knives that have failed the spline test and its both of these!
M16. The AUS8 has a great heat treat - it performs great with it's thin grind and is super easy to touch up. Plain edge. With this sharp a knife rope doesn't have a chance. My CR-04 cut through an old style fabric tow strap where it is doubled over near the loop in three slices! Not bad for a plain edge.

As for the spine whack test. Some of the M16's will fail this test. With the flipper attachment that is beside the point. If you hold the knife in your hand in forward or reverse grip the flipper become a guard with the blade open and also prevents the blade from closing on your hand. The large Carson M16 could have been made as a friction folder without a liner lock and still be safe to use for me with that flipper.

The above is based purely on my experiences with my M16 CRKT Carson plain edge large model. YMMV of course,

Kevin Pensinger
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