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CRK&T KFF - a small review

Oct 6, 1998

Just got me a KFF by CRK&T, thought i share a few opinion with fellow knife addicts

Overall impression:
Impressed, looks good, feels good. Don't really like zytel as handle material but this setup looks really good, doesn't look as cheap as some tend to do.
Quite a large folder, which i like!
Feels VERY sturdy and solid. Gives confidence when held.

The scales are very well fitted, just some small tendencies to not line up with the steel liners, hardly noticeable unless you're really looking. (which i'm doing right now)
Clip is pointdown and fells very sturdy, dark grey in color, very lowprofile and let's the knife ride low in pocket, actually it would be impossible to fit the clip higher up on the handle, good!
The scales is attached by torx screws that are silver colored, i'd prefer black screws, but that's just being picky!
There's a lanyard hole present which is nicely chamfered and positioned at the back of the handle.
No sharp edges on the handle, feels VERY solid and comfortable, you will not lose this grip! Appearently there has been a lot of thought in designing this, nice!
At the thumb rest there's cuts to add thumb traction, nicely done, there's the LAWKS safety too which will be discussed later.
Opening the blade:
Your thumb sildes easily on to the opening stud, it's nicely guided via the shape of the handle, you will not lose grip on this one, very fast, again very good design.
Thumstuds are ambidextrous by the way, like that, if not just because it looks symmetrical and good.

Liner lock snaps in nicely and sits just where i want it, at the beginning to the left, and that's looking at the edge.
Now there's the LAWKS safety that is deployed via a thumbstud on top of the knife, i was very sceptical concerning this before i got the knife, not so anymore, it rocks! easy to engage, could say it's automatic when you grip the knife as it's going to be used, and very easy to disengage, no problems with this one, absolutely the best i've ever seen of it's kind, impressive!
Oh, the liner lock is serrated/grooved to ease in disengagement, easy and no hassle to do.

The blade:
Large and wide, very good looking, beadblasted finish, sharp enough to shave my arm, niceely executed grind lines, very even on the whole cutting surface, impressive to say the least.
On the left side (edge down) it's marked Crawford Kasper, and right side is 6773 Taiwan, discret and soberly done, nothing that sticks in your eye.

Most probably i've repeated my self but i'm really impressed by this one, especially for the price, hey! this knife is cheap even in Sweden! (that says a lot of the price...)
I haven't cut anything or tried some drills or anything, this is just initial impressions.

To put it short, get one! or what the heck, get a few and give to friends and relatives and what else.

Hope it was informative, i'm outta here to play with my KFF...

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

"May all your detonations be expected"

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Thanks for the review. I am glad CRK&T was able to pull off the quality on this knife. The Crawford KFF is a beauty and remains one of my favorite despite being a linerlock. But my KFF lock is perfect -- thick lock sitting right at and fully on the left side of the tang. Is the CRK&T lock fully recessed as the original?

I am also glad that the LAWKS doesn't get in the way. As I posted elsewhere the Gerber Covert has a similar mechanicism and it does not get in the way. As soon as the blade is deployed and a saber grip is taken the safety engages as matter of course. The visual difference is that the Covert's safety is a flat tab and sits flush with the top of the handle whereas the KFF is a knob and sticks out. Hope they redesign that to be less obtrusive. Still, I don't think I'll have any problems with it.

Now, the big question, where did you get the KFF? I haven't seen them offered yet by the internet dealers that I usually do business with.


AKTI #A000356

Sing, fully recessed is that meaning that it's below the surface of the handle? if so, no, i tried some white knuckling with out any indication to disengage it.
The knob of the LAWKS is actually not sticking out very much, they have milled down the thumbrest a bit so it's approximately in the same height as the other side, nice!

I got the KFF from a dealer here in Sweden, supposed to be the first that reached us here.
If they got here before being offered in USA then it must definitely be the first (and last time!!)

Check out the pic's on Chai Cutlery's homepage, http://www.chaicutlery.com/crkt.html, good close up's on the LAWKS. BTW, it's smaller then it looks and a tad shorter to not project past the scale.

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

"May all your detonations be expected"

The coolest bar in the world: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Camp/8373/index.html
where did you get one?

Dennis Bible
Yo, shootist16!

Bought it from a dealer here in Sweden that got it from Fällkniven (www.fallkniven.com) not a very good idea to order from here though...
but they should be available for you guys now too, this i really strange! usually when i get a knife it has been available on the American market at least a few months!

Oh well, i'm off to play with my new KFF

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

"May all your detonations be expected"

The coolest bar in the world: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Camp/8373/index.html
Hi, fellow Swede

Just want to say thank you for a good review and ask:

How much did you pay for it ?

I've been waiting for one since I first heard about it and that was some time in February. So you can say that I'm a bit envious. I want one to play with also.

Thanks for the review, I saw this knife in the most recent Cutlery Shoppe catalog. I have been considering ordering it or the carbon fiber M-16, now I might order both.

CeeJay, don't really know, got it as part of a trade.
Around 500 SKR i think...
Call Peter at Fällkniven and ask!

In pure Swedish: den rockar fett! Rekommenderar den skarpt. (skarpt...)

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

"May all your detonations be expected"

The coolest bar in the world: http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/Camp/8373/index.html
I, for one, would like to have seen them use at least AUS-8. Surely stepping up to AUS-8 wouldn't drive the price up that much.

Dennis Bible
Jonas, thanks for the review. The C/K arrived in South Africa today and I will be picking up mine tomorrow.

Nice review so far
. I can't wait to read how your cutting and impact resistence tests go.

I too am concerned about CRKT's choice of AUS-6 steel for this folder. I was really excited when I heard that they were coming out with this knife, as I love the KFF design(but not the custom Crawford price tag), until I discovered what steel had been used. I would gladly pay a lot more for a version done in better steel.

It will be very interesting to see how this blade perfoms. In fact, when I have some money to throw away- or maybe CRKT will send me one to test, hint, HINT!- I may have to get one and test it myself to see how the AUS-6 stands up to my usual battery of tests.



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

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Vi snackar asfett eller va'då !

500 SKR that's really inexpensive. I will call and see if they have some left.
As for now I have to keep on playing with my Edges2 trainer but that's so dull

By the way you are my namesake.
I really can't wait to handle one of these...I've got my eye on the smaller 3" version, plainedge.

My reasons for the small version are weight and convenience of carry...I'd probably end up carrying it all the time at that size.
Hi Cee Jay!

Just read that you wanted to know what the CRKT KFF costed in Sweden, it´s alittle more expensive than my friend Jonas told you: about 600 SKr! But thats cheap to for a good knife like that!

Skulle tro att Peter på Fällkniven har många kvar han fick in dem i Tisdags; typ!

Anyway I´m sure you will like it alot if you buy one!!



"sharp things for sharp people"
Just to let everyone know, I have spoken with Rod Bremer of CRKT and he has generously agreed to send me some CRKT KFF's- the long blade version in both plain and combo edge- to test and review for you guys. It will be a couple of weeks before the knives arrive. So Stay tuned...



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

i got a large plain bladed CRKT KFF tonight.

i'm really impressed with it, straight out of the box. seems solid and well made. the action is smooth as silk and locks up solid.
don't quite know what to think of the LAWKS
yet, great idea, BIG lever.

Very hefty, heavier than my custom KFF.

my first impression is...this knife's a winner. great price.


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Cutlery Shoppe just shipped me my backordered large plain edge. So they must have a few here and there....

Hefty, fits the hand well, sharp, good blade geometry(based on the quick slash a hanging newspaper kind of test),the lock up works well and is smooth as butter.....for a super price.
Just got the large,plain edge version. It is an outstanding piece for the money.
Fit and finish are great and the grinds are even and well done. Very sharp out of the box.
This is a big knife. Heavy at over 7 ounces.
Love the clip set up for a very deep pocket carry.I was suprised that the weight seems to disappear once the knife is clipped in the pocket.
My first CRKT knife and I,m impressed.Can't beat it for the bucks.

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I got mine today from knife outlet. Hefty knife! Fit and finish are excellent. They really did a good job on this one. Great Knife, crappy steel. I guess I shouldnt complain considering the price. I just wish they would have at least used 8A.

Dennis Bible