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CRK&T S-2 or Benchmade Pinnacle?


Mar 30, 1999

I am thinking on getting a framelock designed knife.I know a Sebenza is Top Dog in this class but I dont want to spend that much cash right now.I am looking at the CRKT S-2 and the Pinnacle.I have heard good things about the Pinnacle but have never heard anything about the S-2.I personally like the blade of the S-2 better.If anyone has any comments or feelings as to which knife is superior I would appreciate hearing them.


RJT, I have handled a few Pinnacles, and none had a solid lockup. I understand from others on the forum that when sent to BM, the early Pinnacles returned with a much-improved fit. I have heard of no such complaints in the last few months, so they may have smoothed out their production on the item.

I have not handled a CRKT S2, but from the photos that I have seen the blade to handle ratio seems bad and the titanium lock seems very thin were it actually contacts the blade.

And if all thing being equal between the two blades, my deciding factor would be that Benchmade Products are Made In the U.S.A.

And of course, this is just my $.02


I bought a pinnacle about 6 weeks, ago difficult to for the first two days, after that it has broken itself in. Since they are around the same price give or take $10.00
I would recomend the BM. If the CRKT was $75-$80 I would have bought the S2, since I am a fan of CRKT product. They give alot for the money.

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Superior for what!?! It seems like you like the S-2 better; if it meets your needs, go for it. For general use, I strongly favor the Pinnacle over the S-2. More secure and comfy grip, great performing blade that's still pretty beefy, good blade-to-handle ratio. Just overall a notch better for me, so much so that I don't believe these two knives should be so close in price. Still, the S-2 seems nicely done -- I won't make fun of you if you like it better and choose it instead
Have you handled both of them?

RJT, I believe the S2 is made in taiwan. Although I do not have anything against Taiwanese products, I believe they should be cheaper compared to American products. Since the Pinnacle and S2 are relatively the same price I would definetively go with the Pinnacle.


Superior-meaning stronger,tougher, all-around best(In the basic sense).
I have only handled the Pinnacle and it seemed really nice.I have to admit I like the looks of the S-2 better,
but I also know choosing things based on looks can get you in trouble.

Thanks for all the opinions,I appreciate them alot!

I have very limited experience with both of the knives in question, having handled both in the local knife store. Although I wasn't overly impressed with the particular specimen of the Pinnacle (the blade was far duller than I expect from Benchmade, and the lock barely engaged the tang), I think it felt better in my hand than the S-2. The S-2 handle seemed too dramatically curved (like a banana), and the clip has an uncomfortable, outwardly protruding point at the end. I think I could get used to the curved handle, and may actually grow to like it (I like bananas too.) The pointy clip could be easily improved with a Dremel.

The recurved blade of the Pinnacle might offer some advantages in cutting, but could be a bit tricky to sharpen.

Assuming I could find a satisfactory specimen of the Pinnacle, I'd probably favor it over the S-2, simply on the basis of good experience I've had with other Benchmade knives I've owned.

David Rock
I have handled both extensively, and I own the S-2. BM products are top-notch and you can't go wrong there. What I liked most about the S-2 was it's clean lines and the lower price. Hey, Ti is Ti and regardless of where the knife is made, it's gonna cost money. The CRKT factory in Taiwan is company owned, so the quality is as high as the company wants it to be. Of course, made in the USA is important. The one thing about the S-2 I do not like is the Ti clip which feels "cheap" and fragile. The lock on this knife is fairly substantial.

I too, like the looks of the S-2 more than those of the Pinnacle, but if I were to purchace one, I'd just assume go for the Pinnacle due to good experiences with Benchmade in the past and superior strength.