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crkt bear claw

Nov 25, 1999
Has anyone bought and used this little knife yet,and what was your over all thoughts on it and crkt's product line.
thank you
Not a bad knife for the money,i think i only paid like $20.00-$25.00.from ABC direct a few months ago.The handle could be about a inch longer to fit deeper in the palm of your hand but i got big hands so it my not be a factor to others.The blades kinda thin towards the tip so you wouldnt want to get to agressive with it.Its a very cool looking knife with a decent Kydex sheath.I like whipping it out at work to sharpin my pencils with,it makes good conversation
But like i said for the money its not a bad knife.
I got a Bear Claw and it's really a well-made piece. I haven't carried it much at all, but the sheath, handle, and thin blade have very good workmanship for the $.

I can say that about most of the CRKT line. I feel they are producing a good product, but their product line is improving at a very rapid rate, too. For example, they were good 2 years ago, but they've gotten even a lot better since. Definitely a company to watch.