crkt crawford/kasper folder


Sep 20, 2000
has anyone had experience with the crkt crawford/kasper folder??? (as too qaulity, ect.)
I agree with David !00%. I called CRKT and asked if they could make a drilled out version, but was told that it was not in the works. If enough people call, maybe they will make one!
Originally posted by jh:
has anyone had experience with the crkt crawford/kasper folder??? (as too qaulity, ect.)

I've gotten a few CRKT knives, and the Kasper is a great buy! Yes, it's not a light weight knife, but the handle is practically molded to my hand! AUS6 steel, so you'll do some extra sharpening if you use it as utility and daily carry. Mine hasn't failed a spine whack test even with out the LAWKS engaged. The LAWKS is cool, but it takes an extra move to engage it, so first move on deployment should probably be a slash, giving you time to engage the lock. Handles are Zytel, and while there isn't any "cross hatch" pattern to make it more "tactile" when holding it, the smooth Zytel is not slippery. I've since bought Rekat's Carnivore and Carnivore Cub, similar knives, and have to give the "ergonomics to CRKT for their handle. The Rolling Lock, ATS-34 steel and G10 scales are better items, but will cost 2-3 times as much. But, what the hell, buy 'em all!


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Welcome to the forums, JH. Take a look at Gaucho's excellent review & then try the search function for some other message threads.

BTW, I have both the large & small models and, IMO, both are an excellent value.


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JH - Welcome to the Forums! Spend some time here and you'll end up learning a lot, making some good friends, and spending lots of money ... er, ... well, not necessarily!

I've heard nothing but great comments about the CRKT Crawford/Kasper. I plan on getting one myself in the near future.

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I've got the large KFF (plain edge)and love it. It's too heavy (and big) for me daily (everywhere all day) carry. But during weekends and so when I go walking (in the woods or so) I take it with me like I take my homekeys.
Sometimes (by evenings/nights) it slips into my inside breast pocket of my jacket - it's weight feels calming. The just-in-case- syndrome
I have a large CRKT KFF, and I have to say it´s the best feeling production folder I ever held in my hands. Great ergonomics, I like the weight, and the scales are not slippery. But mine regularily fails the spine whack test, so the additional LAWKS security is a very good idea, always use it.
I might get me a custom Crawford some day, I just love the handling of that folder.

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Have to go with Judge on this one. I really like mine, and it is a good knife.

But mine also fails the whack test almost everytime without the Lawks engaged.

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Just to repeat what everyone else has said. I have a large CRKT KFF and think its a great knife. I have carried it daily at work since I bought it.
thanks guys! i really appreciate your help!! if anyone is interested pat crawford makes a neck holder out of kydex (the necklace part is chain, like on my old dog tags) for the crkt crawford/kasper folder, the small is $25 and the large is $30 (1-870-735-4632), i havent got the knives yet to try it out(still waiting), but i received the large holder only 2 days after i ordered it! its nice , but we'll see how it works!!!....thanks again everyone!...john
In all seriousness, I do not see how you could wear the large KFF around your neck! Please let us know how it works out.
Definately a great buy. Excellent quality for the money. I would like to see Columbia River make an upgraded model, similar to what they did with the M-16.

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hey bud thanks for the seems from what everyone says this folder is a bit on the heavy side. I guess i'll find out!!!...from what i saw on crawfords web site the neck holder can be worn also as you would your powder horn we'll see???

...Now, just look at what I started!.

(I can't believe that no one has mentioned how SMOOTH the KFF opens, or how menacing it looks to sheeple.

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well guys i got my folders and i have to say they are beasts!!! fiance couldnt believe how big it is. well i tried the neck holder i ordered from pat crawford and i nust say yessssss...its alittle to big to be carrying it that way!...also the holder is a little tight (too tight!). well its a nice knife, solidly built , but much too big for everyday carry. My fiance says i should only carry it when hiking!!!!!!..i think shes right!
I had never owned a CRK&T knife, in fact I used to say to myself "hrumf, a knife that cheap can't be worth a damn". Trading time comes along and one of the trades just happens to be the KFF. WHAT! how in the hell can they make a knife of this quality for that much money!....Tell ya what man!, I have just received a CRK&T M16-03, and M16-13 and I am still thinking "how in the hell can they make a knife of this quality at these prices?"
I can't think of another knife company that is making knives of this quality for what they cost!



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I started my CRKT collection with the M-16 and have continued with the NECK P.E.C.K., Stiff K.I.S.S., Bear Claw. Last week I purchased 2 NIB KFF's on eBay (Large KFF, $29 and Small KFF, $26). Just received them in the mail today and I am pleased! Best $55 I have ever spent on a knife. Hopefully I will be just as please with the BF SIFU!!!

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