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CRKT Guppie, EatNTool, Kommer FT. Kershaw Centofante. Alox Pioneer

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May 23, 2014
E85E5782-8812-44F1-96DC-57C507110454.jpeg D30A1B84-7073-4A3F-9147-78A73C5FA540.jpeg 0105B6D2-A846-46E0-B6D2-06721D7384EC.jpeg BA2F47F6-DDB5-4496-9ED0-DEB1A584BEC8.jpeg F2838485-1D47-40A8-BC56-B458B2DF109B.jpeg 5A86EC2E-B3E8-4C03-81B7-2854B1352064.jpeg selling as a lot, CRKT Guppie and Eatntool nib. CRKT Full Throttle bought this new carried once. No box. Kershaw Centofante bought this nib never used it. Victorinox Alox Pioneer dark gray, carried once didn’t use the blade. All for $110 PayPal G&S shipped. No trades.
Hate to be that guy, but if you split up, I'd be very interested in the Centofante.