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CRKT M-16-04

Nov 29, 1998
Just received my newest edition to my collection. The first thing I noticed about the M-16 is that it is very study and has a very tight lockup. Tried the whack on the spine test and it passed with no problems. The fit and finish are very nice and it came shaving sharp our of the box. The blade is still somewhat sluggish as it is new but it can be snapped open without any problem. The only thing I can find to complain about is the clip is about 3/4" down from the pivot end and it is very strong. Takes some doint to clip it to your pocket. Another thing is the added piece of steel which looks like a lanyard ring which is touted to be an assisting device to opening and a means of preventing your fingers from sliding forward onto the blade.

Does others dislike this feature? What are other's opinions of this knife. I will leave it as it was delivered for the time being but am considering taking my Dremel tool to that added lanyard thingy.
Received an email from Kit Carson this morning, very impressed. I have changed my mind about the flipper as he calls it. After playing with the thing all day I can flip the blade open using the flipper as fast as most autos. Don't tell the authorities, they may think of a reason to make that little attachment illegal. Great looking knife and feels good in the hand.

I am thinking of getting one of these knives pretty soon.

I am prefer G-10 scales on a knife... But these knives look pretty dang cool...

Anyone know the best source for these things?

I want a Light Saber.