CRKT M16-14 Military review

Jan 20, 2001
WOW! That is about all I can say about the performance of the new m16 military. I bought this one quite cheaply and decided to give it a real workout as I intended to use it while working in Central America. I took it to a local national forest and proceeded to limb out and cut down four small trees (2-3" diameter) I then chopped through vines and bushes to determine the strength of the lock up and possibility of causing play i the blade. After this punishment I still had a hair-popping edge and NO play in the blade. I then decided to TRY to make it loose by throwing it into logs and trees. While I did manage to slightly blunt the tip on a deflection but did not create ANY damage to the knife. I brought it home and cleaned/sharpened it (Really only the tanto point needed sharpening) and checked it for play in the blade and damage. I cannot detect any effect whatsoever that this irresponsible behavior had on the knife! I have BMs and EDIs that had more play when I got them than this $40 knife does after abuse. What a great knife!!