CRKT M16's

Oct 5, 1998
I have two of these knives now and I really like them, the large M16 with the flipper is great and a blast to open!,wish more knives used it. Only problem Ive had is that the finish on the blades have a bad habit of rusting quick, I took most all of it off now and like the new look better anyway. Does anyone know how to remove the thumb studs on these,I tried to unscrew them but didnt want to force it....???

The thumb studs are locktited and pressed fitted. Better to not remove them. They are also the backstop pins.
I agree with the surface finish. We are working on it and hopefully they will soon come with the ceramic finish I use on my custom knives.
Watch for the 03/13 and 02/12 coming out in a few months with the flipper also.
Pretty cool when you ask a question in a forum and the guy who designed the knife answers it!

The bead blasted finish has always been a pet peave of mine too. I wish a Taiwan company would get on the bandwagon of quality non reflective coatings.

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I normally don't like bead blasted blades either but when I got my 16s I coated the living heck out of them with Tuf-Cloth and haven't had a bit of problem with any oxidation.

The more I deal with this M16 the more I like it and I still can't believe I got this knife for $50. I just ordered the small version from TOT Knives to complete the set.


Hats off to CRKT and Kit Carson on the M-16 series. When it comes to producing a factory version of a custom makers design, it doesn't get much better than this.

Outdoor Edge is also grateful for the opportunity to produce the Magna, a factory version of Kit's Model-4 design. The cold-forged aluminum handle Magna is scheduled for August delivery and the Zytel version will be shipped in September. We are also working on a 3" blade version of the Magna to be available in early 2000.

If you are a fan of the M-16 or Carson knives in general, keep your eye out for the Magna, I'm sure you'll like it.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,
Love the knives and all, but just one question... why were the clips mounted so low that the knife sticks out of the pocket so much? Was this intentional? Just curious. Thanx in advance

I bought one and had to have all three; love em (except for pocket clip placement)
Ah, the pocket clip.
Two reasons, I guess, for the placement. The knife had to be positioned so the flipper was out of the pocket. Too hard to deploy the knife if it was lower. The other big reason is that I'm a fan of lower clips and having something to grab onto when you pull it out.
So, you ask, why the low clip on the smaller versions? They will be coming out with flippers, first in the Zytel model ($49.95) and then will be phased into the aluminum handled ones, along with the non flipper versions.
Stay tuned-a couple more smaller models will be coming out hopefully by the SHOT Show.
Thanks for your reply so quick, I wanted to remove the thumb stud just so it would be easier to clean the blade up, hard to work around it! Cleans up very nicely...Maybe we can all get Spyderco talked into coming out with a Carson Flipper style knife...the flipper makes it so easy and fun to open than any other type Ive tried
Looking forward to the new release knives coming out.

FWIW...Just wanted to add that after I took it apart and removed the coating on my blade at the pivot point, the action is even smoother than it was before