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Jul 19, 1999
I'm looking for a really cheap fixed blade knife. I go fishing alot and need a knife slice and dice. I ran across this knife on the web. It looks okay for a $25 knife. Any comments? Does anyone know where this knife is made? How good is it's steel? I think it is AUS-6M stainless steel. Saltwater can be bad on pretty much any steel but how about this? Thanks
A Stiff KISS would be pretty far down on my list for cleaning fish. It might be ok for general utility around salt water. AUS 6 rates as fair, there is a lot worse steel around, but a lot tha is better, I think for fishing I'd keep looking.
The knife is made in Taiwan. Its OK for a 25 dollar knife but if I were you I'd spend a little more money and get something else. Get something that you would look back and say I'm glad I made that purchase, instead of some POS. I'm not saying the stiff KISS is a POS but just think it's a knife that's worth 25 dollars, which isnt a very good. I've never tested a KISS but I've heard that it goes dull incrediably fast. Unless you enjoy sharpening your knives I'd get something else.

It doesn't seem to hold an edge particularly well, and to top it off it is chisel ground.
I've got two (serrated and non) and they do go dull very quickly. They're best used for self-defense, if even that, or for cutting soft stuff like fruit (maybe). I don't think a tanto shape is very suited to cleaning a fish, have you checked out the CS Bird and Trout? I've got one of those and it's perfect for fishing use. The edge holds well, and it comes w/ an epoxy coat so you won't have to worry about rust except on the edge. A REKAT Utility might serve the purpose just as well and even better, but you might not want to take it to the water, for fear you might drop it in the water or losing it in an otherwise frustrating manner. They go for $40+, and the CS Bird and Trout is something like $30, and in my opinion, I'd go for the REKAT, but I'd still be uncomfortable. Any way you go, a tanto shape is simply not the right choice. Hope this helps.
They are not bad for the $$, but if you get one...study the sheath very close before you pull the knife out...I and many others have been sliced and diced by the design of it..Its a good setup, just dont tell your fishing buddy who wants to borrow your knife..Yeah its in my box, just yank it out!
or your fishing trip will be a short one.


It would definetely be a bad choice for cleaning fish, but for general utility its not too bad, but it does dull quick. I quit carrying mine after I got my REKAT fang (hint hint
)now I need to get a utility neck knife before they're gone. If you're interested in a small fixed blade, Newt Livesay makes some good ones for around the same price out of high carbon steel, here's the link http://members.tripod.com/~Newt_Livesay/index2.html Hope this works.

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean cleaning fish with the knife. Just to bring along as a general utility for cutting line or what have you. What do you guys cut it on to make it so dull? Thanks again!!
The KISS gets dull cutting a nice hard cheese. Go REKAT before they are all gone.

So, what you all are saying is that the AUS-6 steel doesn't retain it's edge well? Or it's just the knife period?
I don't have any other experiences with AUS-6, but this particular knife won't hold an edge. I don't know if its the steel or the heat treatment, maybe both.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
I have a SK and I like it well enough for a cheap knife. I actually use it pretty often as a steak knife etc. There are better knives though. If you really like em check out the new drop point SK it`s blade shape is more suited to utility work. Better yet check out the smaller fixed blades made my Frosts of Sweden. They`re cheaper than even the SK and made with good steels and nice thin sharp blade profiles. They should make great little utility knives. There`s a good selection of them at Chai cutlery, James Mattis`s shop. Marcus
I like the knife, but it's a lot more oriented toward concealed carry and defense than toward the type of use you mentioned. Its tanto-style blade tip makes it less than terrific for slicing things on cutting boards, and it's also got a very stiff blade. It's not a good filleting knife at all. But, again, it is defense oriented, and it's great for that. Good quality, good finish, great sheath. But the sheath can really use some trimming down and recontouring to minimize its signature. Also, I polished down part of the screw head that helps retain it in its sheath to allow slightly easier withdrawal. Personal preference kind of thing.
The two factors I think influence the edge the most are that AUS 6 is a fair steel, not great, and the chisel grind. I have a Cold Steel Para Edge also AUS 6 that seems to take and hold a better edge. Could be geometry or temper, or combination, I don't know.
for 25 bucks it ain't bad. there is a new drop point version out as well. Personally I think I would opt for some of the knifes from Newt Livesay or Rekat. Little more Money, but it will go a long way, and probably more comfortable to carry than the SK.

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For a really cheap knife eminently suitable for salt water and a great value for the price: http://www.chaicutlery.com/frosts-sweden.html

Look at the stainless knives with plastic handles and sheaths at the top of the page: cheap, practical, and ugly but who cares?

James Mattis of Chai Cutlery is also our esteemed moderator at this forum and easily accessible if you have questions.

Sometimes Frosts of Sweden is confused with Frost Cutlery, a completely different company. Frost Cutlery makes cheap junk; Frosts of Sweden makes good stuff cheap. Don't let all the sneers at Frost Cutlery you'll see scare you off; there's no relationship between the two companies.

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