CS Military Classic steel

Apr 29, 1999
I´m thinking about buying a CS Military Classic. Attending to CS catalog and website it should be AUS8, but the one I´ve seen in the store where I buy my knives is marked in the blade as 400 series stainless. Somebody knows what kind of steel is really used in this knife?.
as far as i know there was an attempt by CS to make those knives in taiwan.
the attempt didn't work so well,due to quality problems.
there are some of those taiwanese models out there[military R1's and black bears].
i would would stick with the japanese made knives, unless you get a bargain for the taiwanese one[the 400 siries].
AUS 8 is technically a 400 series stainless.
Whether this particular knife is AUS 8 could only be determined by the manufacturer.

For what it is worth, almost any stainless heat treated by quenching and tempering is classified by the 400 series name.