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CS Warhammer - First couple tests. and init. impressions

Aug 15, 2000
First of all, you have to put it together. The method I used worked extremely well, and was quite simple. After sliding the head on (axe style) I then tape the langets on (one at a time), made a hole in the wood in each of the screw-holes with an awl, and then screwed in the screws with a hand screwdriver.

Init. impressions: CS standard appearance (as per other tomahawks and axes), rough, but solid, about the same as others. The hickory wood is strong, and has a mediocre finish on it. at exactly 2 1/2' long, it feels a little weird to me, this length is great for an axe, but I could use with an extra 6-10" for a real 2-handed feel; the balance is just about right, though
Is it worth the cost?? I paid $37 or maybe $38. You decide. The black paint seems like it will come off fairly easily. No surprise there.

Test #1. Nails!!! Yes, that's right, nails. I wanted to see how the temper was, and it stood up pretty well. I hammered 2 4" carpenter spike-nails into a 2x4. There are no noticeable gouges. It may be slightly scratched, but it's hard for me to tell since a bunch of that galvanized coating came off of the nails. It seems to work at least as well as any other workshop hammer. And it is much harder to miss.
And the nails go deeper also.

The second test: Beating a plastic bucket. This is the typical 5 gal paint bucket. The spike worked very well, BUT it tends to stick. The end is quite pointy (almost to a knife point). Were I a medieval warrior, I would definatly want to have a back up weapon. And the hammer smashed up what was left quite well.

It is a good solid piece, but don't expect it to do all of the work, with it's reletivly light weight and balance (say compared to an axe), you have put some power behind it to get the effect you want, but it will definetely give you the effect you want with a little power, and maybe just a little practice.

Questions? Comments? Have a great day!!!

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Got an idea of about how much the head weighs? Do you think there would be a tradeoff in mobility for increased striking power if it were a little heavier?
I'm guessing the head weighs about 1 1/2 lbs. But I could be way off. As far trading off weight for mobility, the answer is of course; BUT this depends how strong you are and how much additional weight you're talking about. This item was designed to replicate an ancient weapon, and speed is, of course critical for it's use. Otherwise, you might as well buy a sledgehammer. All in all, it hits pretty hard with a good wind up. More than enough to take someone out, or punch through a thin sheet of steel. So I'd say it does what it was designed for pretty well. I'd say you could an extra 1/2 lb. without noticing much of a difference, while still getting a significantly extra punch.

Hopefully more tests will be performed this weekend at a junk-smashing party. So stay tuned!

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