CUTE Money Clip - First Impressions

Jan 27, 2000
I just bought one this afternoon and I like it a bit more than my Peck. The knife is AUS6 and measures ~3" closed, ~4 7/8" open, making it between the two CRKT knives in size. The CUTE uses a lock similar to the frame lock, but the bar is in the middle of the handle. This placement allows easy closing of the blade with the fleshy part of your thumb (like pushing a button). The neatest thing is the slight raised lip on the outside edge of the handle -- it helps prevent the blade from cutting you when it is closed. Now why didn't CRKT think of such a simple idea like that?

The knife also comes with a little allen (sp?) wrench for the screws and a keyring. Though 1SKS states it's a Dragon Forge product, it's really some generic Taiwanese design sold by Dragon Forge, Master, Survivor, and other similar companies.

Better than the Peck IMHO, but probably not designed for heavy work. Cut through thin cardboard and opened my mail okay though.

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Seems like the CUTE knives are blatant rip-offs of the Halligan/CRKT collaborations.

Due to that fact I will not stock them -

Very nice review though

My $.02

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Yeah, I know a lot of you won't stock or endorse blatant rippoffs. However, it is nice to see a review on some decent quatility imports. Thanks.
I wouldn't call it a blatant rip-off, but a design inspired by the CRKT collaborations.
The little knife does improve on the Kiss/Peck design a little bit and I would recommend it over the Peck. However, especially with the new Sampson Kiss, anyone looking for this type of knife with much more usability should stick with the CRKT Kiss family.

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