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Cutting test Sifu vs Civilian

Sep 23, 1999
Has anyone ever done a comparison of these two in cutting ability? If not I would like to see a fourmite who has both knives and preferably one who is not biased or at the least fair, have a go at it. I am just curious as to how they would match up in various cutting tests. Some pics would help too, plus trying to be as scientific as possible. Anyone willing to take the time to answer this question, I would greatly appreciate it.

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I don't have either yet, but it totally depends on what you want to cut. I think each knife will beat the hell out of the other in different tasks. If there's a specific cutting task you want one for, that would be the most important piece of information to start testing for. AFAIK, the Civillian is made/used for combat only. And I think most people who buy Sifus have the same thing in mind. For this purpose, there was a thread a while back in one of the tactical forums comparing the two. I'll post a link here if I can find it. The Sifu is a far more versatile design IMO. Whichever you get it will kick ass.

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Yes, I just finished posting on that thread, in favor of the Civilian, for self defense. I consider the Civilian a specialized tool vs the Sifu which is more of a "jack of all trades". I would just like to see how these two different blade styles compare in a cutting contest.