D.H. Russell belt knives by Grohmann?

May 2, 1999
Does anyone own or have any experience with these knives? Grohmann is a canadian manufacturer so I don't know how common these knives are in the states.
I've been looking for an 'all-purpose' outdoors fixed blade and these knives look like they might fit the bill, especially the #4 survival.
They are available in carbon and stainless, but the literature doesn't specify the grade of steel.
Just wondering if anyone owns or has any experience with these knives.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
I had one from the time I was about 13 until I was 18. I dont think it was a survival, it was the one with the more oval shaped blade. I lost it in the boundary waters of Canada on a 2 week trip via canoe.(Guess it wanted to stay in its homeland
) It was a very comfortable and well made knife. Held an edge well and was a good all purpose design. It worked well in camp as a cooking knife, and performed well for everything I could ask of it. Not a thin grind on the blade as I remember. I was exremely p.o.'d when it fell in about 30 feet of water. I could see it all the way down, the water was about 41 degrees so there was no way I was headed in after it. I now use lanyards when over water.
I've never owned one but have heard good things about them. Check out the Canadian Armed Forces model. A.G. Russell carries some of their models and could probably special order a particular model if he doesn't carry it. You can also order directly from them. They have a web site by I don't recall the address. With the exchange rate where it is, now might be the time to buy.


who dares, wins

The web address is www.grohmannknives.com

Grohmann makes the DH Russell belt knives. I have never owned one but I've held one and they feel comfortable. Grohmann will be happy to email you a list of distributors / dealers in the U. S.
I got the Canadian Belt Knife in stainless steel several years ago for my wife. It has held up well in gardening, camping, and in the kitchen. I put a split ring and a snap on the sheath so it could be clipped on a belt loop.

I give the knife the following grades.

Durability - A
edge holding - B
ease of sharpening - B
utility of handle shape - A
utility of blade shape - A
sheath - A
slicing and cutting - A
prying - B-
chopping - D

Overall, the Canadian Belt Knife is a keeper. It will serve well as an all-purpose outdoor blade, if you have something else to chop or saw wood with. It is not a chopper.
I'll agree with Howard's assessment of the knives. I have the original and the CAF models; and I recomend them highly. If you want a chopper...Go over to the HI Forum. There are no other knives in their class as choppers.
Happy Trails, Dan

I've asked them about this, this is their answer:

Our steels are imported from Germany so the
numbering system A.I.S.I. USA differ from the WNr #.
The carbon used in most cases is C75 and the stainless types are WNr 4109,WNr 4112 these are similar to the 440 USA types.
I carried a grohman for the 3 years I was in the army(Canadian) and I can honestly say I was and still am very happy with it. It is an execellent general purpose knife. I think I might head down to Pictou and buy another one.
Walter (the other walter)
Thanks for the comments everyone. I now have their #4 survival/camp knife w/rosewood handles and stainless blade on order. I will keep everyone informed and pass my opinions on it along.

Bill (Yes, we carry knives in Canada - we need them to fight off the polar bears and militant Eskimos ;) )
I have a #1 belt knife and it is one of my favourite knives for around the camp. It it a treat to use in food preparation. I find it handier to use than many of my home kitchen knives.

I have the #1 belt knife, the pelter ( great skinning knife) and the survival knife. As with the other posters, I am very pleased with the performance of the knives. The "campers knife" has a flat grind which would make it easier to sharpen than some of the others.The edge holding of the stainless blades is good but I have never even seen their carbon blades for sale. The survival knife is fairly large and heavy but it feels very good in the hand.