Dalton Cupid and Pocket Warhawk: First Impressions

Jan 19, 1999
Just received a new edition Dalton Cupid and 2 new Dalton Pocket Warhawks (one plain edge, one partially serrated)

First the Cupid Serial # 14:

Handles are uniformly and nicely anodized. The blade is ground evenly and is razor sharp (I do not mind the chisel grind at all!)The action is faster than any other OTF I've ever see. The blade comes out so quick you can't see it in motion! The lock up is tight with no play. This is not a knife I'll carry because of my job and the intimidation value of the design, but it is a blast to play with! I have worked the action several times just to hear the 'snick' of it locking open. I really like this knife for the "neato" factor.

Now the Pocket Hawks:

Great little knife. Very strong spring for a small knife. It opens with real authority and locks up with ABSOLUTELY NO PLAY. Unlike some folks, I like a hawksbill blade for daily utility use (one of my favorite daily carry knives is a Spyderco Harpy). Both knives exhibit nice workmanship and are also shaving razor sharp. The 1/8" thick blade really looks beefy on such a small knife. I put the partially serrated one in my display case (next to the Cupid) and the plain edge one is going to be riding in my pocket for awhile. I find the blade style perfect for oranges, apples, envelopes, fingernails, boxes and everything else you would use a knife for. I took the clip off of the one that I intend to carry. For my purposes, the clip is not necessary for pocket carry. Taking the clip off and replacing the little screws makes for a very slim little package.

All three knives are VERY nice. The workmanship and execution of the design leave me glad that I got them.

Great knives at reasonable prices!

Chris Canis