Dammit Sergiusz, WHEN are you going to review the Al Mar Sere 2000?

Jul 31, 2000
I've been reading and enjoying the several reviews of the Al Mar SERE 2000, and have decided recently to get one. However, I was searching all over the place for a Sergiusz Mitin review(tm) and have not found any.

Sergiusz, how can you even dare to not employ your excellent and world-renowned skills at reviewing knives on that knife? C'mon, man, remember that that knife and the MT LCC were practically the two most popular folders in 2000. They definitely deserve to be reviewed by you, ASAP.

All of us at Bladeforums are counting on you!
Are you willing to step up to the plate, Sergiusz?

Yes!! You have to review the sere2000. I'm still waiting for a great review for a great folder.

Most of you people don't know, But Sergiusz is also a writer, and currentley he's translating a few books in polish I think.

He's a busy man, and he buys all the knives he reviews. The SERE (about 270 USD) and the LCC (250 USD) are not cheap over here, and I can say that as a student in Belgium I could earn more then Sergiusz as writer in Poland.

He works more hours a day than I can afford whithout having a breakdown in a week.

Give 'm a break. He'll do what he can when he can do it.

greetz, bart.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">he buys all the knives he reviews</font>
Luckily not always, differently I would go broke long time ago, but the rest is truth

However currently both SERE 2000 and LCC are really out of my reach, sorry.
BTW, here is very nice and particular review on SERE 2000.