damn, I just bought an Umfaan

Oct 24, 2000
well, after looking for a good long time for a nice, solid, small knife to carry in the city and at work, i just got a great deal on an Umfaan. hopefully this will end my search, after going through a Spyderco Dragonfly (Great knife, just not real fancy or nothing), a Spydercard (rust rust rust), as well as a Benchmade Darkstar (really nice, but WAY too big for the city (2.5" limit) or office). let's hope the umfaan makes the grade ;)

any Umfaan owners with comments?

What can you say about the Umfaan....;)

It's a great little knife with all of the qualities of a Sebenza IMO.

I've got an Aztec Umfaan that just amazes me. I toyed with the idea of letting it go because it's just a little small for my hand but it's just soooo nice!

I started with a Large Classic, then bought the Small Standard and then the Umfaan. CRK's are like a disease (a good disease mind you;)), your collection will just keep spreading!

I'm in the market now for one of his small fixed blades.
It is a great little knife with all of the qualities of a Sebenza... Except size.

I have the 2000 model Umfaan and carry it daily in my front left pocket. A very useful sized knife for office use. My wife uses it often, and I have thought about picking up one for her. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Save your change....This may be your first CRK, but it won't be your last :p
Umfaan was my first CRK, but was WAY too small to use every day. I have since sold it and bought 4 Sebenzas (Lg. and Sm.) for daily use. They are all great knives! The Umfaan is just too small... (for me!)


PS: My Lg. TNT is my new EDC....

Don't i wish!! :O

but going in and out of court, i really DO want to stay below the 2.5" limit we have. man, those are two BEAUTIFUL knives!!!
You will love the Umfaan. It is sheeple friendly, a great pocket knife, very very well made, and one of my favorites. I just bought another one this week. I love them :D
If you can't carry the small; the Umfaan is the only was to go NOW :D

I want to see the Mnandi when it comes out. :eek:
this is one of the few things i have where the more i fondle it, the better it gets ;)

wow, i never knew a knife could be this small, this solid, this precise, this amazing!
well, after a full 24 hours of fondling, i am still in love with the Umfaan. it is PERFECT for all my needs, including size (frankly, you all must be doing a lot of different stuff if you need a bigger knife) ;)

i am having a hard time grasping how easily this thing CUTS through stuff! it is weird, as it can slide across something like paper, but the second ANY pressure is applied, it cuts and never stops. WOW!! i have NO idea how i am going to retain this edge, as i will need a lot of preactice before i take my kid to the sharpmaker i have ...

all in all, i am simply amazed at the quality you can get in a knife. expensive, sure. has it forever spoiled me? yes. thanks a lot :)