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Dan Huang aka LIUKANG is back

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Dec 4, 2012
I just got an email from this guy about trying to trade me for one of the knives I just posted today.

So People beware! Hes back and still surfing on our forum for people to scam!
I don't think his shenanigans will ever stop!!
Not hard to email someone from a publicly viewable forum when they post their email out in the open for anyone that browses by.
That's true revdevil. If the email service provided by bladeforums were reliable that would be a better option. Unfortunately, as you probably know, it isn't.
Thanks for the heads up Eric.
Well, at least here we know he's a piece of crap & a liar. Over at the JD folks came out the woodwork to protect him after I tried to expose him for not telling the truth about a knife i wanted to buy. funny thing is i had all the evidence to include his own words; but the truth didn't matter much over there. they pick and choose based on what suits them and if it will interfere with them getting their grails.
This is really too bad.
I met Dan in Easton and he seemed to be a stand-up guy.
No one made threats to you. You are dreaming.

I said I'll leave it at that, are you sure you want to go here?
I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out that he and or other banned members have proxies that surf the for sale forums.
I hadn't heard of this guy before and I just read up on all the stunts he has pulled in the knife community. Seems like a bad person to deal with and he'll never have my business.

One thing I'll give him, though, the way he does his sale photos rival that of many dealers. His photos show you all angles of the knife, especially the places where the parts mate together, centering, and closeups of the lock. I wish some of the retailers' and dealers' listings had high-resolution photos like that that really show you the condition of a knife being sold and the fit and finish details. If nothing else, he seems to care about showing potential buyers exactly what they are going to get.
Pretty sure this same guy has an Ebay store selling knives too. I just ran across it tonight.
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I'm glad I saw this thread - he contacted me wanted to see if I'd make a trade. Nope!