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Darrel Ralph Madd Maxx Damascus and Antique Tortoise

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Nov 11, 2004
This is one of my favorites...I hate to sell it, but I need to. The handles and blade are Mike Norris Ladder Damascus and the insert is antique tortoise. To my knowledge, it is the only Maxx in existence with tortoise, and it is a spectacular example.

This piece has the Robo Assist, and has a very smooth opening and rock solid lockup. This one is featured on DDR's site, so that should be a testament to the quality and beauty of this Maxx.

Price is $old

I will throw in a brand new stingray skin mission wallet as seen in this pic:


This is a great way to carry a Maxx.

Thanks for looking!
I have seen this knife in person. I is a most subtle beauty. The tortoise is the centerpiece of the knife and I believe you are right about this being the only tortoise mini-maxx.
absolutely gorgeous knife. Let's see if anything's left after the estimated taxes are due on the 15th.:D
Just wanted to add that a friend of mine will allow me to use his Paypal account if that helps.
Thanks, response sent. Knife is on hold for one day.

Msutherland...to answer your question...the blade is 3".

Thanks to all