DC Knife Knuts Lunch Report

Nov 25, 1998
Well, six of showed: Ivan, Bob Irons, Walker, Phantom4, Clinton S***s, and myself. We enjoyed a great lunch and were passing so many edged items around that I was beginning to wonder how we would keep straight who owned what. We had the same waiter as before and he didn't seem so nonplussed this time, even though there were many more and more intimidating knives going around. One person cut himself (memo to self, bring bandages next time) and I saw many knives that I have heard about but not seen. I believe that a good time was had by all.

Walk in the Light,

It was a good lunch.

There were so many neat things passed around, I felt like a kid in a toy store!

Sorry about that cut! Most of these knives are at least shavin sharp with some pretty good steel! This ain't your typical flea market collection here!
The culprit was my Civilian - it was a bad boy (caught someone who hasn't seen one before).

This was my first time for handling automatics, and I must say you gotta be careful when that steel pops out like that!

We had luncheon newcomers Ivan and clintonsucks. Thanks for joining us guys.

It's probably gonna be Mexican next time. Looking forward to it!
Even though I informed you in advance I couldn't make it, I tried my dangdest to slip away from work to join you guys! I even found out where the restaurant was and the quickest route. Stupid job. I look forward to the chance to meet up next time!


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, and the BM Axis rules.

Really enjoyed meeting you guys today. There were so many neat knives I saw and wish I had. I am surprised I didnt cut myself. Got to handle my first Sebenza and a Microtech Halo. Just think. So Many neat knives in a town where knives are probably considered politically incorrect. Mexican sounds great and next time I will go straight to Rockville and catch the Metro. No place to park at Shadygrove Station!
Yeah, it was great. I hope we can find a Mexican food place with a private room; it's bad enough breaking in a new waiter without having to live through the stares of the non-cognoscenti patrons.

Expensive meal, though. I saw a lot of things that I'm going to have to buy that I hadn't known I needed, such as phantom4's REKAT Pioneer and Gigand stuff (I can't believe the Gigand's are as cheap as they are!).
The lunch was good, the company better and the knives, oh the knives! Mexican sounds good but if we are going to bring los cuchillos I think a private room is a must. It was nice to meet Ivan and see the rest of you guys again.


who dares, wins

Hey Guy's! What a great time! It was very interesting to match up faces with our user names and writing styles. For anyone wondering who shed blood during this event it was me. It was my first time handling Spyderco's and Bob's Civilian, out of no where, just jumped up and bit me. Not use to handling a lockback’s I guess.

Lunch, at La Loma on 300 something Mass. NE, is all set for whenever we meet next. I know the owner personally and there is no problem with a separate room or bringing any thing you want to show.

One last note, thanks to all who e-mailed Mike or Spark in my behalf. It's great to be back on the air.

Yours in the bond,
Good to see you back Larry.

Hope you put some neosporin on that cut. Under a bandaid, of course. It will speed the healing and cut down on your chances of having a scar.

La Loma sounds good for next time.
Thanks Bob;
I have to say, until I saw your Civilian, my opinion of Spyderco’s has been less than favorable. I may have to add one to my collection. What was the name of the other shinny Spydy you had? TIA
I remember 2 other Spydies. Charlie brought his Santa Fe Stone Works handled Police as I recall - what a beautiful handle! I believe it was Hugh who brought his BladeForums Native. The Native is a sweet knife - I really like mine a lot!