Deaf scrapyard dogs...?????

Walking Man

May 28, 2003
I've noticed that my scrapyard Dog's ears are missing because it was etched right on the grind line. No worries! You don't need your ears to use a knife!
Got mine.

It's a fine hunk of INFI.

I still can't believe I paid $140 for such a great knife.
I heard part of the reason shipping was delayed a few days was because their etching machine coughed up a lung or something.
Huh... I didn't notice that before. I only fondled that nicely polished spine.

One of mine is deaf, the other is perky and alert.
Mine's deaf too, guess it's in memory of my poor deaf shepherd who passed away last week. :(
Mine are perfect! SUcks to be you WM. :D

I can't believe the price for these hinks of INFI! I missed the INFI Coots, so these are extra cool for me!

I see what you mean... :)


Just got mine today, noticed two were deaf, and the third was nice and alert. The knife feels great, I'm just not too thrilled about the satin spine. I would have rather had the blade entirely coated or entirely satinized. IMO, it just looks messy, mainly because the res-c is a bit chewed up where the spine meets the handle and the coating is a bit worn where they ground the spine. Compared to the INFIcoot, I like the feel of the Scrapper 4 a little better, but the coot is finished much nicer.
I thought I read they were supposed to be sterile.

Apparently, only this batch made from INFI will sport the logo, and 'INFI' on the blade. Paddling_man posted somewhere about this in better detail.
Mine is MIA.

Sure to show soon I'm is fine but whiskys quiker....

Scotch is even quicker! :thumbup:


Sorry. Just thought I'd throw some Busse content idea why....:rolleyes:


Rock on HOGS!!!:D
I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't mention it. Mine have clipped ears too. Guess I don't have much of an eye for detail :eek: .