I don't know if anyone can help me decide but I am having real trouble choosing between Busse Basic 7" and A1 Black Fallkniven - they are both excellent knives I have heard, are they good for camping and the like? Also I'm looking for a general folder for camping and everyday life,any suggestions? I have heard many things of the Wegner but from the pictures it does n't look that great. Thanks,


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Dec 25, 1998
Pictures of the Wegner do not do it justice. I put off getting a Wegner for a long time because I didn't like the way it looked. Chris, of Top of Texas knives, talked me into trying one. I fell in love as soon as I held it. I can not say enough how ergonomic this knife is. Very well built. Locks up with a solid thud. No blade play what so ever. If you have the luxury of handling one I am sure you will see what all the hype is about. IMO the best all around folder out there.

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As for the Busse vs the Fallkniven, go to a knife show and handle both of them. They are both very good knives. If price is a consideration, the A1 will win. As for the Wegner, handle one somewhere- it's a great knife, and if you don't like it, you can easily sell to another Forumite (shop around for price, though).

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Hey Nick, Shootist16 made a very argueable
point. I recently bought a Wegner Jr. (my 1st
Spyderco) and liked it so well I bought the
large Wegner to keep it company. These knives
are both "keepers" - they BEG to be used.
The Wegner's so fine, I wanted it for my fixed blade, too!


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As far as the choice between Fallkniven and the Busse basic #7, there was a great test done by Mike Turber here:

I just made my decision on a 7" knife, and I ended up choosing the Fallkniven (waiting for it to arrive). I know carbon steel will outperform stainless, but I've had a bad experience with rust on an overnight camping trip in a corrosive, rainy desert. Fallkniven seems to be the best stainless knife of its type anywhere near its price range.

Good luck, with those two as your choices, you probably can't go wrong either way!