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Deep Blue Sea knife

Looked to me like a Kershaw Sea Hunter, or a similar dive knife. Great flick too!

But you also see that there are times when a knife must pry and not break.

You never know if a super intelligent shark will chase you through an underwater spacestation.
Next time I'm in an underwater super-shark making station, I'll have my Battle Mistress strapped to my leg
Well, gents, I think I will have my small U-2 Kit Carson Dive knife made of Talonite (r). Unless the large one is done; it is being made of 1/4" stock. For those times when you absolutely, positively have to pry the S**T out of something. Or cut it; the small U-2 is scary sharp all over.

Watch for a review soon,

I read this post yesterday and saw DBS last night. Great movie, not a dull moment. The knife looked pretty generic. Could be a Taiwan or Italian no name or probably a prop knife designed to break. I did notice the line cutter at the choil.

Even though the guy broke that one he had another blade stapped to his leg later in the movie. Since he was so busy saving his own and every one elses skin, I'm trying to figure out where and when he picked the second knife up. Was he wearing that one earlier in the movie?

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