Delta-Z Executive Knife -- any news?

Oct 28, 1998
I want to know about this new pen-like knife seen advertised in the recent magazines. Looks to be made from quality materials. Anybody with any information on this will be welcomed if they send me this information. Thanks all....

I was able to get into the site provided, but only stayed a minute as I had to leave. When I went back, there was a password protection system placed on the site! I could kick myself for not checking it out when I had the chance! If anyone has the e-mail address let me know. Thanks.
The site is back up again. They were probably just doing some testing since it looks loke the site is not complete.

Executive Edge has several different sizes, don't know who has them available.
I handled the Delta-Z pen knife at the Blade Show. It is made of good materials. I just didn't think the ones that I looked at seemed all that well made. It's a good design and concept but they seemed a little rough around the edges. I'm hoping they work some of the bugs out and refine the design a little.
Along with refining the design maybe they should refine the price a little too.

It is a nice looking piece, but not at that price!
If they can get the price down to around $125 they might be able to move them. I learned that this same knife was marketed a couple of years ago but fell on its face and disappeared from the market. This is a second attempt at selling this knife. They say "Never give up", but maybe the high price will kill them this time. Then again, these offered might be good collectables.