Did you buy knife just for its "knife-appeal"?

May 10, 1999

Hi everybody. I am quite new to the forum but I learned a lot here. Your posts answered almost all my questions concerning knives. But sometimes I do not listen to anybody and I buy a knife I like – even I do not need it. I just like to look at it, play with it and then put it back into its box. I do not have any use for such a knife – I just like how it looks. I am sure I am not the only one here who does not consider only functionality when buying knives.

My question is: What is your favorite knife to play with? (production or custom) Or which one is the most appealing to you? I know – this may change when new knife comes out – but for now?

My favorite knife right now is Boker Specialist designed by Bud Nealy. And yours?
I think the only difference between you and me is that I have a better imagination than you do. Given a minute or two I can come up with at least half a dozen reasons that I am completely ill equipped with out that new XXX and am putting myself in jeopardy without it!

My favorite to play with knife at the moment is my new M.U.D.T. and will remain so until the next new XXX comes along.

By the way, I always welcome suggestions as to what the next new XXX should be.

That's exactly why I bought a Kershaw Whirlwind, David. With the torsion bar assisted opening it's just fun as all get-out to play with. It doesn't have the best materials, it was relatively inexpensive, but you should see the look on everyone's face the first time they open it. Very high cool factor.

I got the Mini Task for the same reason. I picked one up and voila! Had to have it! It sits on my desk as a letter opener. It does have a high "Gee-whiz" factor and is fun to play with.
My favorite play knives to ogle and admire are Microtech OTFs. WIZZ…BANG!!! There is just nothing like a perfect automatic!!! They never get used, heaven forbid, just loved.

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Of course. I've got a collection of butterfly knives valued from $50 to $600, and they never leave the house because they are illegal to carry in California.

Lotsa' fun though.


I also picked up the Wirlwind on the blade auction because of its neat action.People think it is a automatic and I get moe comments from it than my autos. I also have some auto knives that were bought just to look at:example my MOD Trident.
I bet most of us have picked up a certain knife just because it looks cool! My favorite for that is my Buck 110 auto. Fun to play with, alot of work to keep the brass polished, but a beautiful knife.

Also my Hobbit Warrior. Had to have one the first time I saw it. To cool! But that one gets used.

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Hey David1967!
Welcome to Knife Addiction 101. I 've bought sooo many knives for their fun factor that I don't count anymore. Current fave/raves are:
1. Kershaw Whirlwind: This knife is so fun to play with, maybe it sould be illegal. Really pegs the fun meter.
2. CRKT M16-04: The "Carson Flipper" on this folder wins best "Gizmo Award" for 1999 IMO. Too much fun.
3. Spyderco Military: The action is so velvetty smooth you just gotta love it! Mine opens so smooth I just can't get enough! Excellent job Mr. Glesser!
4. Benchmade Axis: Exact same reasons as the Military. Kudos to Benchmade!

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I left needing a reason to buy a new knife behind some time ago. Now I look for a reason not to buy a knife that I like

I just can't seem to put down Darrel Ralphs Large Apogee. Not just lovely, but built like a tank.

The only reason I bought a Lile Sly 2 was to fondle it lovingly! I bought it from Jimmy himself at a show and it was a really awesome experience. After years of proud ownership, I finally sold it in pursuit of other knives. Some knives are just so cool, you have to have it, no matter how impractical
My favorite has got to be a pre-production Benchmade 705S. It has a very high toy factor, but it is also the most functional sub-3" bladed knife I've ever seen. They're going to sell like hotcakes next month when the first production run is scheduled.

For pure toy factor, though, I'd go with the CRKT KISS. I'm a lefty, so this isn't a good design for normal use, but it's the coolest, most ingenious design I've come across. I think of it as the Movado musuem watch of knives, albeit with a much lower cost.

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I have a couple of James Brothers Cheyennes that were purchased for play and admiration-not use.
Also have a Socom DA, BM Auto Spike, and a few others that have/will never be used to cut anything (except clumsy me).
I can relate to the "fun factor" with respect to these. My favorites (non-user/playtoys) are the Gold Fiber/Lazer Blade Cheyenne, Socom DA, Socom MA (glass smooth),Spike and a bead blasted ATS-34 UDT.
My favorite user-knives are the Klotzli, Carnivour, Pioneer, BM-AFO,VBM-UDT and all my Chris Reeves folders.
The Pioneer and Carnivour are sort of like my duck hunting 12 Guage Shotgun where the others are like my skeet Citori.
I've used the REKATS camping and did nothing more to the blades but wash and dry with the dishes. I've even found them stuck through a leftover steak after one of those whiskey camping nights.
I've got maybe 10 knives for real using and another 75 for collectors interest. Not as an investment, just cuz I'm interested.

Try this, hold the K.I.S.S. in your left hand with the blade down, the thumb stud next to your index finger. Keep your thumb high on the pocket clip (about where the screw is) and pivot the blade out with the tip of your index finger. There is a fair amount of thumb action against the pocket clip mostly pushing the knife out for your index finger.

It takes a little practice but in a week or so it feels just natural and is just as fast as a rightie using his thumb. At the end of the week your thumb will be so sore that you can hardly hold a pen let alone sign your name, but it gets better.

I had never tried this until I got my KISS but it works with any thumb stud I have tried sense.