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Discontinued Kabar Hinderer design


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May 30, 2022
This is a user Kabar Hinderance. No box. 1095. This is a discontinued model- I stripped the Black Coating off it because I was going to mod it. I don’t have time to finish it- this really looks like a Hinderer wharncliffe fixed blade- he’s the one that made it. And the sheath is awesome. I did a light mustard patina and then scrubbed it off. First “I’ll take it gets it.”

Paypal F & F 75$
Paypal G & S is a higher price

88FE4B63-3B0A-4F2A-AC69-5719621698CB.jpeg 00535D3C-9030-4AC7-A032-6EC21E704CA2.jpeg 441CAAD4-55CA-4F5F-B5BB-98C6F5476782.jpeg