Do you have a "Dress Knife"?

May 21, 1999
Last week, when I was getting dressed to go to church, and after I tied my tie, I slipped my BM910 into my right front pocket. My wife said “do you have to bring that, it’s so’ooo ugly?” I had to agree. So later that night I had a brilliant idea, what about a dress knife? First, I went to Darrel Ralph’s web page and showed her a picture of his Krait Damascus and said, “ do you think this looks like a dress knife”? After she stopped laughing, and that took a while, she had to admit that it was beautiful and indeed was a dress knife. Unfortunately, she knew exactly where I was going with this. But, I have to tell you, it has opened new door and my 10½EE is stuck right in the middle.

I’m sure everyone else, except me, has a dress knife so feel free to let me know which one meets your standard.

Decorated Fly Sebenza. The small one has a 2.9" blade and is the perfect dress knife IMHO. Beautiful, high quality, and not so big that it will scare people or overfill your pocket.
A Spyderco Calypso Jr. in black micarta or any of the Al Mar Ultralights, also black micarta, are fine dress-up knives.

Moving upscale, we have more choices, including the Benchmade 850 and anything by William Henry.

My dress up knife is a BM330, but then I guess that speaks for how I dress up.
I went to a friend's wedding a little while back and I just had my chic all black EDI Genesis I with me - it complimented my suit very well. No one even knew I was carrying a knife
. Come to think of it, it doesn't matter what I wear, the Genesis I goes with everything.

The Jesse Horn is chic, too, with the black clip and gold spyderco emblem on it: slim lines
Mine's a Spyderco Centofante. Gotta love that edge.



The beautiful blue anodized titanium clip on my William Henry carbon Fiber Lancet is a great compliment to any dressy attire. It's my "Sunday-go-to-church" knife.

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I sure have one, a Benchmade Mel Pardue (model 850). Sometimes I carry my Kershaw Wild Wild Turkey too. Been thinking of acquiring a decorated Umfaan, or a small Sebenza lately.

Umfaan is the ultimate elegant-carry small pocket knife...though it isn't cheap!

BM makes a beautifull Mel Pardue...I think its the 850....with anodized Titanium Bolsters, and White Micarta scales...even your wife should appreciate it. You'll know she approves when it disappears in her pocketbook!
I "dress up" every day in a suit and tie and alternate between an AG Russell One Hand with ivory micarta grips and a small Sebenza engraved with my initials. Sometimes I carry a well used SAK Tinker or a Benchmade 850 thats never cut anything. Its just too pretty!

Dan Harris
My "church knife" is a steel handled Spyderco Pegasus, that has been engraved. There is a picture of it some where on the internet. Its a nice little knife that fits my hand well, and looks good also.

When I get dressed up (shoes and all) I usually slip a little Jess Horn Micarta in the pocket. It's a classy little knife, and lightweight. I hardly even know it's there.
An Al Mar light-weight, Jess Horn folder, Spyderco Calypso Jr. with micarta handles, Benchmade Pardue 350, and definetly anything William henry would make a fine dress knife.

My dress knife is my Benchmade Pardue 350bt, it's easy to deploy, has a PC blade length of 2.9 inches, slim profile, and comfortably symetrical.

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I've always liked the idea of a 'dress knife'. When it comes time to dress up and 'be seen', I not only carry a Genesis of some sort, but a little somethin' special from my friend Matt Conable @ WILLIAM HENRY KNIVES. Matt wanted to give Micheal Collins and myself a knife for some engraving that Micheal did for Matt[some of you guys saw THAT piece of work at BLADESHOW]. Micheal wanted the mother of pearl LANCET, but Matt could tell I wasn't as excited. I'm just not a mother of pearl kinda guy. But I did have some nice aged elephant ivory on hand. This went to Matt. I now have a stunning LANCET with ivory scales and an opal thumbstud! Its way too nice for a South Carolina redneck like me. But the chicks dig it......

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While I'll admit to carrying any number of knives on dressy occasions, I like the WhiteWolf PocketPro to be a "snappy" dresser. My real preference for a dress knife is a Battle Mistress....Now THAT let's the suits know who is boss.

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So far my dress knife is a delica II plain edge. When I get wiser, older, and a little advanced in the monetary arena I plan on adding something else..

In public, a Jess Horn Lightweight.
Among friends, a small, stag handled, Hubertus auto.

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