Do You Use Your Damascus Blade?

Mar 24, 2011
I recently got a Damascus L-21. It's cool. Really cool. And I plan on using it.

Now am sure this question has probably been asked multiple times before (though I couldn't find the thread topic after a cursory search), but do you use your Damascus blades?

Or are they just safe queens?

Also, and this may be a question that is really difficult to answer, how much does using a Damascus blade devalue the knife?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
If you're worried about devalue, keep it in the safe.
Most here would use it like any other, just looks different.
I have a few and I use mine. Lately, I've been carrying my new large 21 PJ Spirograph.

Indeed, I prefer used CRK's; for the slight savings, but mainly for their charachter (as long as it not abuse or artificial/modded)

I am one of many here who would consider your used damascus CRK's. :)
Every day...[video=youtube_share;xCUcnWkCHvw][/video]
So far I have not used any of my damascus sebenzas.. I have a lot of user sebenza and would like to kepp my Dammy ones pristine..

However, if it is the only knife with me and have the need. I would not hesitate to use it... :D
Mine is showing some wear, heading for a Spa day and EDC retirement as I can't replace this old pattern :)

My large Plain Jane 21 Basketweave is my most carried and used knife. It hides wear well, and tape doesn't seem to stick to the etched finish as much as others. I can sharpen the Damascus far more quickly to a keener edge on just a pocket stone. It's held up to every use with no damage and a glowing performance.