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Does Ernie carry a Commander?


DOH ! Forgot to duck.....


Hey dude, u know I carry a four. lol. OOOPPPP n a PSARK.

Maybe he carries a barlow???

If I was he, I'd be packing me a right and left hand, 5.5 inch blade set of, call it the ES1-5X5! :eek:
The last time I saw what he had, it was his CQC6 with ERE engraved in the bolster, and a cut out in the micarta handle for a SAK tweezer. Why would he ever change?
As a matter of fact, Ernie is currently carrying a Mini CQC-7B BTS. I suspect that it will change into a Mini commander before too long.
Say it ain't so! You mean that the one person in the world who could be carrying a waved Viper 3, or a gut-hook CQC8, or even a matched set of pearl and damascus Rhinos if he wanted to, is not even using his custom anymore? Not denigrating the 3/4 sized 7 - its a nice version of the production CQC7 - but a surprising choice given the options available to him.
I thought he liked Jaguar's blades.

Seriously, why doesn't he carry a damascus custom Commander or SOCFK, I guess he wants something he doesn't feel sorry about give a licking to, like us. How many of you guys pack customs for hard use?

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On the other hand, it says a lot about a Manufacturer who uses what he sells.

It's always seemed kind of strange to me to see a Chevy dealer driving a Caddilac!
Hey GM is GM, do you know of any decent Chevy cars besides the Corvette that you would drive if you owned a dealership?

The dealer here drives a Suburban.

I thought Ernie carried a Commander he hand forged in Japan. I think John Hollister posted a picture of it for me a while back when I asked about that knife. Can someone please post that pic again.
I must agree with Mr. Cook- EE could carry any knife in the whole of the Emerson collection. Many of us could only dream of carrying a Fully Dressed 6 or waved 8 as an EDC. In this case, EE could do anything he damn well pleases.

My hats off to EE !

(while scratching my chin)...."Do I trade my Commander for a mini-7B?
I don't think so" ;)
Typical of "its not the weapon, its the man." If you have ever watched Ernie work, he is flat scary with just about anything. Its good to see that he is carrying the same type of thing the rest of us are. I stopped carrying my customs awhile ago when I replaced my daily carried 8 with a Commander or P-SARK for EDC. I will say this though. I have my "perfect dream knife" on order with Emerson, and I have already decided that I will be daily carrying that knife in conjunction with the productions. I do have a sizeable collection of Emerson Customs (I think I am ahead of Tamishigiri at this point), but this next one will be special. I won't jinx it by saying what it is until it arrives, but it will be special.

Unfortunatly I have not had the honor of seeing the Ernest Emerson hand forged Commander in person.

Dexter Ewing took a picture of it on his trip to the EKI Shop (Lucky Bastard) :D


The only other picture I'm aware of was in the Japanese "Knife" magazine. A small picture of that page is on the Emerson web page.


With that picture is the following:

While in Seki-City, Ernest was invited to attend and observe the skills of swordsmithing, sword polishing and saya making (sheath making). As a result, Ernest met Mr. Hiromune Takaba and was invited to return to learn the art of Japanese swordsmithing. Takaba Hiromune is a nationally registered swordsmith. His art has been passed to him in the traditional manner, as it has been for many years, generating from father to son. In the national sword making competition last year, one of his swords was judged to be the best in Japan and is to be exhibited in the National Museum in Tokyo.

Upon meeting, Takaba and I developed a spontaneous friendship. I was floored when I received an invitation from him to come into his shop and actually participate in the building of Japanese swords. Being a lifelong student of the Japanese sword myself, this was something beyond my wildest dreams. I was told that sword smiths are largely a secret and reclusive group, and as a result, very few students are ever selected (this applies to native Japanese). To have this opportunity presented to a Gaijin (foreigner) is completely unheard of." The Japanese culture regards these craftsmen as living treasures and their heritage and art are zealously guarded.

During our first meeting, we produced a billet of Damascus steel using the traditional forge and hammer process. This steel has since become a hand forged Damascus commander that I will treasure forever.

On another day, Takaba showed Ernest the traditional clay tempering process, allowing him to learn and participate in the traditional tempering process. This process is the produces the beautiful and mysterious hamon, the signature and soul of the true Samurai sword.

This is the end product. The first and only Emerson Forged Damascus, produced by the traditional Japanese method. This chisel ground Commander is truly one of a kind.

Can you imagine shoring this Damascus Commander for your collection? :D
Hey thanks John. That Commander is my absolute favorite! If I had one choice of all the Emerson knives to have for myself that one is definately it! Thanks again.