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Don Fogg Tanto

Nov 13, 1998
Blade Length 7" x 1-5/16 wide x 1/4 thick, (with about 6.25" actual cutting edge). Overall length is just under 12". Blade shape is very nice, a gentle curve from plunge line to tip. Tip is slightly above spine of knife, very appealing visually and giving that perfect "curve" to the blade geometry. Tip is traditional, NON armor piercing. Blade has a nice Japanese style temper line, and is double ground. It has an accent grind that runs almost the length of the spine, and the spine itself is shaped like an upside down V, nice touch. (i realize im probably not using correct terms).

Steel type is 1086,hand forged, handle is brown cord under black cord. This is Dons "utility grade" tanto. I had the "regular" tip, instead of the "armor piercing" type.

The knife was a very nice surprise. Usually when i get a knife, they are about what i expected. This one is much more. I wasnt expecting such a nice overall package for the price (Dons price is $275). This is the MOST knife i have ever seen anywhere for $275. I cant say enough about the live, but substantial feeling this thing has.

It came wicked sharp. Hair popping, but also very aggressive. I havent done much cutting yet, simply havent had a bunch of spare time. But around the shop it does well in general chores. Holds its edge very well. Cuts through cloth stuffed feed sacks like nothing. THis knife has enough weight to really cut deep, it would also put a wicked hurt on someone if you cracked them with the butt (epoxy cord over 1/4 thick 1086).

I hope to do some more cutting and post a picture. I have a photo downloaded, but cant figure out how to attach it.

I have nothing negative to say about this knife. The next one i get will use sami instead of cord for the underlying layer...and maybe a dragonfly menuki...hmmm
Newt Livesay on his forum was saying how he made a kydex sheaths for a couple of Foggs tantos.He described the hamons as being " a thing of beauty" i believe was the quote.He thought they were really nice too.I hope you get a picture up ,I would really love to see it.
green with envy,
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Don Fogg don't make any ugly knives. Got this off his web site www.dfoggknives.com :