Don't you just hate waiting for knives to arrive?

As for me, I can't stand it
. Every truck that drives by my house sounds like the UPS truck(or USPS, FedEx, what-not, let's not get into that
). Now small cars are starting to sound like it too!

What do you guys do to abate the pain?

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I sharpen ones that don't need it. I have a cobra coming that I can't wait to get my itchy hands on. I heard a thunk yesterday (when I was draining the liz***) and found a UPS delivery outside the door. Half of the box was caved in and it was ripped. It was way too big for my knife and when I looked at the label the last two numbers were 36 instead of 98. I took it to my neighbors and will insist on USPS from now on.
I've heard that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I'd imagine there are many people waiting just as axiously for the payment to arrive.
What do you think Cappy?
I can't endure the long wait.... Had my last knife shipped "Next Day". Cost a few bucks more but, I sure felt better!
Stop it, i've got a REKAT fang coming in an hour or two!! I just try to stay calm and don't think about it until its such a short time that I can afford to let it out. I had to do that for about 2 years before my 16th birthday, now I'm waithing for the official driving permit so I can go get an official lisence.

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I have the "wait" chair out in the front yard when I'm expecting a package. My wife just laughs...the neighbors are still wondering what the hell I do out there, just staring down the street, waiting.....
If you buy one from me, just ask and, for an extra fee, I'll fax it to you instead of mailing it. That way, you don't have to wait. ;-)

The knife that I really hate to wait for, is the one that is not delivered on time by a maker.If I do not receive a call, or 30 days goes by with out an explanation,phone call or a note, I will cancel the order. If a maker is backed up, and has contacted me with a new delivery date, I think it fair to work with the maker on the delivery date.

I usually can take waiting a week or so for a blade but any longer its very hard, especially when the ups truck goes right by and stops at your neighbors house. Thats why I buy a lot of my knives at Gunshows and knife stores because you don't have to wate for it.
Damn right! Especially when you spend a huge amount on it.

Power to the blade and lightsabre.
I have no knives right now. Two BM's are in the shop. A third is getting mailed, expected in on Friday. Is there a NY Knife Knut that has a spare piece of sharp steel that wouldn't mind loaning it for a couple of days? I feel like a baby without his pacifier.

Waiting for knives = very un-fun!!!!!!!!


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Waiting is horrible!! Did you ever get so impatiant that you call the place up and ask if they sent it?I'll pay more just so I can get it immidietaly.
scott w
Talk about waiting.... Been waiting for two knife deliveries, and some toys for my daughter, and everything's on a standstill over at the post office, due to the non-stop torrential rains we're having... 2 days of rain, non-stop literally, flooding up all the streets. It's a miracle we still have electricity as it is.

The worst wait is when the dealer tells you NOTHING!I don't mind waiting too badly if I'm expecting it. The best dealers will Email with a fairly accurate shipping date, and let you know if something unforseen happens. While this takes a few seconds, I'm guessing that it is worth it in customer satisfaction.

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Besides all of which, my mail is trucked to Reno ( where the Himalayan Imports base outside Nepal is located ) to get cancelled and my pusher ( er, purveyor of fine quality cutlery ) can take a call from me Monday morning, put the knife in the afternoon mail, and unless road construction delays the mail truck, I can count on the card in the mailbox by 9 AM Tuesday morning. One time I called the day before and the Post Office opened five minutes early, and I was opening the package at 7:55 AM.

The downside is that though once they reach the US I can have them next day by regular insured priority mail, getting them from Nepal to the US is iffy. No big deal, I don't get excited til a shipment gets over here and a picture is posted on the website. Then khukuriholism sets in, and I tell myself "Just twenty-four hours, get on the forum, and take it an hour, a minute, a breath at a time. You've done it before, and you haven't run amok yet. Barely."

Plus I hate weekends. If it gets mailed Friday I have to wait til Monday to pick it up and I'm not sure there was time to get it in the mail, so if it isn't here tomorrow, then I'll have to wait til Tuesday. In which case I'll have to go out and kill something to relieve my frustration.

And PS, I don't know if my latest got into the mail already, or if it'll go out ( hyperventilating ) tomorrow and I'll have to wait til Tuesday. I will NOT email my dealer today to ask him if it got out. I won't, I won't, I won't......... Uncle Bill?

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Guys, you are waiting days, I am waiting weeks (even longer). I buy knives and have them sent to my friends who are in US at that time. This way I save extra shipping charges and arguments at customs but I have to wait till they get home. Sometimes it is very loooong.
Actually I find the US UPS trucks the most distinctive sounding vehicles. The UPS drivers seem to accelerate, drive and break the same way too, as close to the edge as those trucks can go.

When I know its getting close to delivery date I don't want to go anywhere. Don't you just hate when your wife wants to eat out but you know the UPS guy will show up 10 minutes after you leave

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"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
"Don't you just hate when your wife wants to eat out but you know the UPS guy will show up 10 minutes after you leave"
I know the feeling, been there, done that.