double-blade, Dyad vs Crosslock

Any one have a BD blade knife?
Dyad has a better steel(ats-55)
But I don't know if the blades are
too short?
the Cross lock (BU 180DB Double Bladed )
has larger blades.
How the 425 steel and the liner lock?
which one do you prefer and why?

will Spyderco offer a larger Dyad?
I hope so!
I've got several crosslocks and in general have been pretty happy with them. The Spyderco steel is far superior but the Dyad is a little small for a primary carry knife IMO. The double bladed crosslocks are a bit heavy which makes sense since you have two relatively large blades. I have the river rafter(?) with the serrated sheepsfoot blade and I am very happy with it. If you can get a crosslock with a plain regular blade and a serrated sheepsfoot I think it would make a great knife for all around purposes.


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Sal Glesser

Dec 27, 1998
Alan - Large Dyad comes out just before Christmas. ATS-55. 1 blade hollow ground serrated Sheepfoot, 1 blade flat ground plain edge with choil. Black micarta scales. Typically Spyderco sharp.
I have a Buck Crosslock Hunter, it has a drop point blade and a gutter/saftey hook.

I could never keep the plain edge blade sharp to my satifaction until I found out that the steel prefers a "rough" and not a razor edge. Now I can keep it sharp, but not the nice, clean edge that you can get on a Spyderco. The hook is tough to sharpen, but is handy for a surprizing number of things.

IMHO none of this matters because the knife has a very poor liner lock, one of the worst that I have seen in a knife from a major production company. I have looked at other models in the "Crosslock" series, and none seemed to be of any higher quality. It is just not a solid piece, and mine sits in a junk drawer because I don't trust it.

I have not handled the Dyad, but do own a Spyderco Rescue, the old molded clip model. Good edge holding, nice and sharp, smooth action and a solid lock back. I carried it at work until I had just had it with clips and now keep it in the car.
A great knife, good to see they updated it (removable clip
) So my guess would be that the Dyad can't be half bad

Ohhhh, I know what I'm getting (myself) for Christmas ! I carry my Mini Dyad daily now and it is a very handy tool. I can't wait to add a big brother to the other pocket. Thanks Spyderco.
And no, the blades are not too short, I do all kinds of different cutting chores with both blades at work every day. No problem. Plus, I don't scare anyone in the bargin!!

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I too know what I'm getting myself for Christmas. I hadled a Dyad (Dyad Sr?) prototype at last years Blade show and thought it was a great idea, and apparently one that they had been kicking around for a while. I have a MiniDyad but the larger combo would be just about ideal.

The crosslock is a good design but not very well executed in my opinion. Maybe if Buck goes to this thinner edge (Edge 2000 or whatever) it will improve it. I wish I had the money to buy one of the Kit Carson made crosslocks.
Thank you Sal! I can't wait! Can you give us an approximate retail price?


who dares, wins

This sure seems easy to me. Lets see here. Spyderco or Buck? Buck? Buck makes real knives now? Go with the Spyderco. Even though it is ats 55 it will have some chance of holding an edge. So now 425 is a cutlery steel? I thought it was something used on wall hangers.


Tom Carey
Thank you all!
Me too waiting for a large Dyad!!
Maybe I will get a Mini first because X'mas
is still long away.