Dozier and Katz

Oct 14, 1998
I seldom see any posts about Dozier and Katz knives. What do y'all think about these two makers' fixed blade offerings?

I do not own a Katz but I have two Dozier.
The Professional Guide is an excellent,uncomplicated using knife.
Handle ergonomics are exceptional and the D2 steel takes and holds an edge.
The smaller Arkansas Toothpick is also a great knife.....smaller easier to carry "quietly".
Sheath systems are very good (Kydex).
Although the shoulder rig for the AT necessitates the wearing of a belt....not something I always do.

Brian W E
No Katz here either, but my Dozier K1 is one of my everyday carry blades. Brian pretty much summed it up. I love the standard horizontal carry sheath. It conceals perfectly with just a t-shirt. I personally don't think you could beat a Dozier for the $$

I too am a big Dozier fan. I even use my New York Special as a paring knife in the kitchen just so I have an excuse to pick it up every day (I originally bought it for camping, but can't let it just sit there not being used). Although not technically called stainless, I have used the blade daily in the kitchen for almost two years and have observed no rusting or staining of the metal. When I finish with it all I do is wash it in warm soapy water, towel dry and place it back in the Kydex sheath. As stated previously the knife takes and holds a tremendous edge. I haven't sharpened mine in several months and it's still shaving sharp. Given the high performance and low prices of these knives, I definately rank them as a best buy!
I'm with dakota on the K-1 General Utility. It's a sturdy little knife, came from Bob *very* sharp, and so far has stayed that way over moderate occaisional use. The sheath is the cat's a$$ for keeping the knife handy yet out of the way. D2 doesn't seem to take a fine polish (that's my understanding, anyway), so the blade itself might not win any beauty contests, but the fit and finish of the blade to grips is very good. Grips are almost finished too well, they get a bit slippery at times. Well thought out and executed kydex work. And his wife is an absolute gem to work with. The first couple of days after I first called them, I changed my mind twice with blade thickness and micarta color, and each time it was, "No problem, dear, I'll change the order." A very pleasant purchasing experience, and a great knife, especially for the price. Let's keep this a secret, though. We don't want him charging more now, do we?
Have you guys seen his newest offering? The Professional Skinner??

I tell you, I want everything the guy makes...

I had a similar good experience with ordering a knife through Bob's wife. She really is a charming lady to talk with on the phone and sharp as his knives! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of one of his smallest offerings the Straight Personal.

Take Care,

I have a slightly longer version of Dozier's AT. The craftmanship is top-notch. I mean, he doesn't make pretty knives to be displayed. He makes simple, rugged knives to be used and abused. And that's what has drawn me to him in the first place (that and his prices are fairly low). His sheath reflects that philosophy as well.

You want to know something strange? The D2 steel has yet to show signs of corrosion. I don't treat it any differently from my other knives, so this is a delighteful surprise so far. Oh wait, yes it had spots of rust once, but it came right off when I cleaned it.

Since my primary interest in knives are for defensive purposes, I have been quite disappointed that my Dozier was not what I had hoped. But this doesn't have anything to do with Bob or his knives. It had to do with me and learning, through time, what works and what doesn't for a fighting knife.

Still, if you need a rough knife that can take a hard day's work, you can't go wrong with Dozier's knives.
Question for Don---

What blade thickness did you opt for?

I didn't even think about that when I ordered. When I first saw my K1 I freaked because the blade was so thick at the spine, but Bob ground the edge so nice and thin that it still cuts like crazy. The thick stock gives it a really solid feel.

I finally opted for the 3/16" stock. While this sounds thick, I've broken tips off of lesser knives (every Memorial Day and Labor Day camping trip, a bunch of us each carve our own "tiki's" around the campfire), and I was concerned about D2's (rumored?) rep for sometimes being brittle at higher RC's. I was also amazed that a rather small knife ground from such thick stock would be so damn sharp, but the edge grind seems to start fairly high, yet retain enough spine for sturdiness. It's a rugged little knife, very sharp, and my first purchase in the "custom" field, and I'm extremely happy with it. It was even delivered a few days earlier than expected. The problem is, I'm not sure which one I want to order next.

Thank you all. I ordered a K1 a few weeks ago, and it's nice to see that I'm in good company. Looking forward to the knife. I also agree with the comments about the company - really nice folks.