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Dyes for bone handles

I am new to the web and brand new to these boards so bear with me. Hope someone can answer my question. If I knew where to look it's probably already there. Question, what type of dye is used to color bone. I have played around with Rit and hot water and some other country boy ideas with not much luck. Sure you can buy scales with two or three choices already but I like doing things with some challenge. I have been told to try a pressure cooker but have been afraid to talk to the cook about it! p.s. from what I have found some of this info is sure better than the history channel! Thanks
I don't know how it's usually done, or with what, but one knife maker told me he puts white bone in a jar with cocobolo chips and acetone. I forget how long. Cocobolo contains a reddish brown dye, and acetone is an effective solvent. Presumably the bone should be soaked for a long time, and then aired out for a long time after that.

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I have used Feibings Oil Dye with good success. It takes some experimenting but I have taken some Buffalo bone that I dug out of a Buffalo jump near where I live. I cut up the bone into slabs pretty close to what I wanted, then jigged them, then soaked in a mason jar full of dye. I also had a scrap in the jar and I checked it now and then so see how far the dye had penetrated by drilling a 1/16th hole through it. I cant remember how long it took, but seems like 3 or 4 days. I then let it dry for a couple of weeks before using it. You can mix colors to make your own color too! By the way, the oil dye contains no oil, but is a spirit dye.

Jim, I am going to try the Cocobolo thing, sounds interesting!

C&C Co, welcome to the forums!

I think I remember seeing something on this over in the knife making forum. You may want to look over there.

Some of the best dye ever to be known is potassium permaginate. It has been used on India Stag for years, and also works well on bone, leather, etc. anything that use to have a natural oil to it.

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