E-Bay cleans house again


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Mar 22, 1999
E-Bay has done it again. They've canceled a bunch of ongoing auctions of butterfly knives.

I'd like to encourage everyone not to list knives or buy knives on E-Bay. You many not think this applies to you since you're not a balisong fan, but knives are knives. Today, it's butterflies... tomorrow something more. This type of thing only contributes to the image of knives a evil contraband.

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Well an easy answer is to simply list the items here huh?

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!


At least I got the Erickson scrimshaw 4.5" tanto blade (1988) before the purge!

Gollnick...it's beautiful, I'll email you pics!

Oh, I agree with Mike (but of course), list 'em all here folks.

Butterfly knives are not illegal in many areas. They are not federally illegal in any way. You can even import them now. You can ship them via US Mail, you can transport them and sell them across state lines. Some states and same localities make them illegal to own and/or carry, but not all. E-Bay's approach to balisongs reflects back on all knives. First, they ban autos. Then balisongs. What next? How about one-hand folders or maybe fixed blade "fighting" knives? E-Bay's approach to one class of knives reflects negatively on all knives. If they don't want us, then let's not stick around where we're not wanted.

I can certainly understand why E-bay doesn't want certain items that are generally illegal.

I can understand why E-bay doesn't want certain items that are widely considered immoral or unethical or questionably appropriate for a "family-oriented site." In that case, they should get rid of all the knives. I haven't heard of a crime involving a balisong in the US in a long time. But, a woman was assulted and her car stolen using a "hunting" knife not to far from here just the other day. So, get rid of those knives first if you want to get rid of butterflies.

Finally, I can understand why E-bay doesn't want firearms. While they can be legally sold via an on-line auction, there are unusual legal complications that I can understand that they may not want to deal with.

Several of the knives e-bay flushed today were pure collectibles with no other use at all. Some were genuine antiques. This is not something I'm buying to go terrorize the neighborhood with. It's a valuable, collectible antique.

Last time E-bay did this, they cut off an auction I was winning. The seller was here in Oregon, just a hundred or so miles from my house. We closed the deal outside the auction thus cheating e-bay of their fee.

One of the knives cut off this time was described as a "Collectible butterfly knife" and had a starting bid of $350. The knife was apparently listed between when last I checked E-bay and the cleaning, so I did not see the details. But, I still can't imagine someone buying a $350 balisong for any reason other than collection.

Ah well, I'm ranting...

Hey, Chefget, congratulation again on the Erickson. I was pleased to see it sell on E-bay since I was hopeful that it would reinforce to E-bay that amongst the never-ending flood of charming China cheapies, there is legitimate and significant collecting going on. By all means, please send me pictures. I'd love to see the other side of the handles and I'd love a good shot of the tang stamp. That's a very nice knife.

Sorry for ranting, but I'm in a ranting mood.

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