early fathers day present

Mar 18, 1999
my wife got me the 2x72 grizzy grinder for fathers day. got it put togeter and after a few ajustments runs like a champ but i did notice the motor is not a sealed motor there are two vents on the bottom one on the right and one one the left i looked at the motor diagram the motor is air cooled drawing air fom the left to the right even though the vents are on the bottom wich would reduce the the likelyhood of grinding dust getting in the motor im gonna tape a thin piece of porus foam material or other filter material over the inducution vent hopefully this will prevent any metal dust from entering the motor and ounce of prevention.now all i got to do is get some belts and do a few practice runs on some scrap steel this is so cool oh yea this machine is rather large. 110 lbs when i saw the size of the motor i imediately started to drool.i love my wife
Russ scheringer
What about just fixing a peice of shop vac hose over the intake vent and piping it to someplace away from the grinding dust.The motor may not draw hard enough to pull air through a filter very well. That way you don't restrict your airflow. And you can tell anyone that visits your shop that you've got a super charged grinder

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I have head a griz about a year,Mine locked
up on me last week,I have not heard fom grizzly yet so i don't know what is wrong with it yet,It hollows grinds good and it
track good,what the gentlman said is a good
idea.this biggest problem I see with the griz is the platen,face it with a heat treated 01 and round the cornes,make for a good flat grinding surface.I drilled and tapped so I could take off if I need to reface it,do that before you heat treat the 01.