Easy to make Filework patterns

Sep 26, 1999
I was in the craft section of Wally World the other day and seen something really cool.They had a section that had allot of differnt types of scissors.They called them Paper edgers and are used for craft work and pictures.They are for paper and will work on masking tape I think if not you could just rubber cement down the paper.They show on the packages how to cut different patterns with them and they show how to make a strip of the pattern and they looked really neat for file work.They only cost $3.00-$4.0 for a pair.And the patterns are exactly even when made.They can be found at just about any craft center or craft store,They were with the photo albums and stuff for making neat scrap books.They are made by FISKARS.And the package shows what the paterns will look like so you will know what you have for a filewprk pattern....:) :)
I was just really excited when I saw these and bought a pair to try and they work awesome.
I just had to pass this on so some of you that were afraid to try filework or wanted more even patterns could check them out.
I will get a picture of them and post it later on today if you guys want.
Thanks for the tip Bruce. I steal my wife's nail polish for etching resist, and now I'm going to be stealing her scissors. I knew I married her for something. ;)
I've been looking for something like that! I was hoping some of the computer wise people would do something but this sounds like it'll fit the bill.
Keep thinking knives, Lynn
Now, here's another thought...could you use that to make a resist pattern for etching?

Walk with me on this one: Cut your pattern (paper or tape, it won't matter...you'll discard it in a minute, anyway) and place it on your knife. Take fingernail polish and paint over it and the remainder of the blade--anything you don't want etched. Let it dry and remove the tape or paper and discard. Now dip in etchant, the same way you would for a damascus blade. You would basically create a positive of the original pattern...

You should be able to create some fairly extravagant patterns with this method. Maybe I'll give it a shot, and see how it works. If I get a chance, and some pics, I'll post and see how it looks...
Yea guys, if you do something with this idea show us what happened!!
Maybe we'll use it, improve on it or take it in a different direction.

I'm always curious about what others are doing/using on knives. :)
I do believe that it will work as a stencil for the resist.I will be curious to see what kinds of inovative ideas you guys can come up with.