EDI Genesis 1 and 2 Differences?

Jan 26, 2000
Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone here could tell me the difference, if any between the Genesis I and Genesis 2? EDI's website has been down for quite awhile now, and I am wondering if they are even in buisiness. From what I have seen it looks like both knives can be had for rather low prices on net. Thanks...

Hello Justin,

As far as I can recall, here are the differences between the two:

1.) Genesis I has two titanium liners. Genesis II only has one.

2.) Genesis I has G-10 scales. Genesis II has zytel-like plastic handles.

3.) Clip on Gen. I is switchable left and right, whereas Gen II's clip can only be mounted on the left side.

Hmmm... anything else I missed? Seems like these are all.

In addition to what Dan said, the Gen II is a lower cost knife because of the molded GV6H scales and single ti liner.

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I guess my other question would be: is EDI still in buisiness? I know that Will Fennel is gone now from reading some earlier threads here. I have also noted that several people who bought a Genesis had to have warranty work done because of problems with the lock. Kind of makes me leery of buying one if there is nobody out there to back up the product anymore. www.ediknives.com is stone cold dead too

EDI is still in business. I know because I received something from them today. I had sent in 2 Genesis 1's for minor repair about 3 weeks ago. Today, I got a package with two brand new replacements. They were very courteous when I explained my problem over the phone and they told me to send them in. For those who are wondering, this is their new contact info:

18102-P Chesterfield Airport Road
St. Louis, MO 63005

(636) 532-7222

I hope they get back into the swing of things. I think their "rock-lock" has promise and I was interested in the fixed blade they had planned as well. Only time will tell.