EDI Genesis Arrived Today

Oct 3, 1998

Uh Oh......
I've carried and used this knife exclusively since its arrival. It started off tight but has developed noticible blade wobble...enough where you can hear it when the open knife is shaken.
I think I lost a washer or bushing as the looseness developed quickly and the blade cannot be tightened at its pivot.
I'm sending it back to EDI for a check-up, and will advise on the outcome.
Otherwise, I've become very fond of this knife.
Later, Bill

The knife I won simply by enjoying this forum just arrived
I've had it ten minutes, and wish to share my first impressions.
First, an expression of appreciation to Mike and Will....THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, thanks to the rest of you knife-people for making this one of my favorite places to hang out.
The knife is awesome. The fit is excellent, as are the mildly textured G-10 scales.
It feels great in the hand, and makes me wonder how much better it would feel without the clip. I'll check that out later.
The thumb studs are set up for regular people, but will also please lefties. They are very easy to acquire with a normal thumb -rotation movement, and they grip the ridges of your thumb prints as good as a Sebenza, but without the sharpness (aka "Sebenza Thumb").
The blade came out of the box as sharp as a Microtech, and the smoothness of the EDI's blade rotation beats my Socom.
This is a full size knife. Just slightly bigger than my large Sebenza. While lighter than the Sebenza, it still has a comforting "heft" to it.
I promise a more extensive review after I carry it for awhile. I'm still thinking about that picture, but nobody really needs to know what I look like except DC.
In that respect, I'm an extemely handsome man with a big smile

Later, Bill

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Hi Bill, I read your post with great interest. I odered Genesis and I will probably get it next week. I can't wait! Especially after reading your post. Keep us informed and congrats on winning one of the best things anybody could win!

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
Great Bill glad to hear ya got it OK. Now we really do still want that pic! You can hire a model and have him hold the knife if you like. It will be our little secret. Unless of course someone else reads this thread

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Again, congrats! I know you've seen my comments about my Genesis and the great customer service Will provides. This is a blade you *can* flick snap open! Will says it'll take it and keep on tickin'.
I love my big 'Benza too but when I want to carry a blade that i can get out in a big hurry without it appearing overly tactical, the Genesis is it. The tactical stuff is still the province of my Elishewitz M5 Omega.
Having the options of carrying these 3 great knives is a joy. From the standpoint of price...well you got yours free but as you've noted already, fit, finish, design, functionality... all are top notch with easy comparisons made to knives several times its price.
Enjoy big guy...and let me know if you mount a gemstone on this one


Bald is beautiful! Rub a dome for luck today!
Bill, Congratulations.
I'm also a happy Genesis owner. It's an excellent knife. The fit & finish were excellent and the G-10 is really high quality. I had read about some people experiencing some blade wobble which mine had. Someone posted about tightening the pivot screw which I did. Unfortunately, I went overboard and ended up shearing the screw head off. I felt like an idiot, as the knife was only a couple of weeks old. I sent the knife back to EDI and Will gave it some personal attention and had his people take care of it. They ended up giving me a brand new knife. Apparently, my original knife was one of the older versions with the teflon washers. The new knife has the bronze bushing and washers and has absolutely no blade wobble whatsoever. Will and his staff at EDI are definately tops in customer service in my books.

Bill , congrats on your luck. I've got a serious case of knife envy

Almost everyone that has one loves it. And if there is a problem with it Will makes sure to make it right. A rarity in our "take no responsability" society.
That's it...Will, you just sold another one.


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When we have enough knives donated that we can give more than one per month away, we will do so, rest assured.

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