EDI Genesis I urgently need manufacturers address/telephone

Oct 6, 1998
Hi guys,

Just received in a swap deal a brand new Edi Genesis I and I liked the feel of the handle and also the light weight and the placement of the clip.
The blade in it's bead blasted finish I like somewhat less and the finish of the spine is not to good.
Overall I would have loved to use it for my scouting activities.
BUT then the mishap happened!
There was a lot of bladeplay (side to side) and I could turn the central axis screw with my thumb.
I decided to fasten it by using ONLY the torx bit from my Swisstool wrench set and upon turning it between my thumb and forefinger the upper part of the axis screw fell off
No big wrench and a lot of force applied it just broke clean off,
I looked at the upper part with a 15x magnifying glass and there is no more then 2/100 of an inch material connecting the upper part of the axis screw to the threaded part.
BAD design in my opinion, caused by wanting to have 2 sides of the axis pin with a torx head (benchmade only has one side with torx head.)

Now I have a brand new Genesis I with a broken axis screw.

I tried calling the telephone number on the instruction paper but a prerecorded voice said the telephone number of EDI knives has changed and NO new number was given.
Also the www.edikinves.com website isn't operational.

Can anyone give me a telephone number emailaddress or webside address of EDI so I can try getting a new axis screw?
Or does anybody know were I can get a new screw.

Best regards from Holland,


I've successfully phoned them at 636-532-7222.
Their new address is:

18102-P Chesterfield Airport Road
Chesterfield, MO 63005

I got that from James Mattis's post a little while ago. I talked to them on the phone and sent my knives in about a week ago. They said they'd send me a new knife as a replacement. My lock didn't hold. Good luck!!

Hello leroys_45,

Thanks a lot I will give them a call tonight (when It's dark in Holland).