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EDI Rock Lock--good, bad, or ugly!

Mar 21, 2000
Is the Rock Lock a solid mechanism, or just a gimmick. How does the lock work, and would the EDI locking liner be a better choice.

Thanks for any feedback!
I'd like to know myself. Does anyone know if they've been produced and if so, anyone handle one?

Haven't heard much from EDI lately. I know they exist, but haven't heard anything of their many projects they had planned.
I was told by a retailer that the Rock Lock was going to be introduced in the near future. That was about 4 weeks ago. No word since. They do seem to be in cacoon mode. Maybe they will come out with a bang.
I actually handled a Rock lock 2 SHOT shows ago (or was it 3?), when EDI first showed up. At the time, it seemed like a pretty cool lock. I really can't remember how it worked, other than that to release the lock, there was a tab you lifted from the side of the handle. I'm really looking forward to this lock -- EDI quality with a reliable lock promises great things.