Eight Dollar Mountain Foundry Any Good?

Jul 1, 1999
I was wondering if any body has bought a knife from them or handled one, what was your first impressions. How sharp was it. Since they seem to be pretty reasonable in their prices. Just wondering if there any good.
I haven't bought one but I have checked out one that a good friend owns. Heavy duty with a cast handle and knuckle guard. I don't remember what he paid for it but he really likes it. He uses it around the house and in the yard quite a bit. Mainly for cutting stuff that doesn't really need cut(unless you have a nice knife and the urge).
I have a 12" blade EDMF bowie and I like it very much. Since the search forum is down here try searching for my review on Knife Forums. It`s very well made for it`s price and has held up superbly. I`ve chopped down trees,split wood etc. with it in pretty large quantities from time to time and it`ll still shave when I`m done. BTW even with quite a bit of custom touches it only cost me $105 with sheath! Also Dale Sandberg is a heck of a nice guy.