Elishewitz Knives

Oct 28, 1999
I was wondering you thoughts on Elishewitz knives. I have two different Strykers made by benchmade but i was thinking about getting a higher dollar custom. Does anyone have any good experience with say a Phantom for example?



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I have only one custom Elishewitz, a phantom, and I wish I had a dozen more. Absolutely great tactical folder. I've heard a number of complaints about declining quality, about 2 years ago, but I have seen and handled quite a few of Allen's customs and I've never seen a bad one. There really is no comparison between a BM folder, [although they really are quite good] and a custom Elishewitz. I would consider one of the newer locking designs, though. Even the best liner lock can fail given the wrong conditions. The question is, do you really want to spend that much more on one knife when you could have three or more Benchmades? My answer would be yes, but I might just be a fanatic.
Allen's knives have gotten better over the years. He has changed his pivot pin and clip again to keep things interesting. He has also added 4 new models to compliment his older ones. The new Persian is very nice!! As for quality, It has also vastly improved due to the fact that his wife, Valerie has been assisting in the assembly and looks them over very carefully to make sure that the first one is as good as the last. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with one his handmade pieces. But then again...I own 15 of them dating back to his first ones.

I agree. I only have one -- a Diablo -- but I wish I had more. Great fit and finish. I think I got my money's worth.
I just noticed this thread, so I'm late. I bought a Parrot Beak from Allen about a year ago, and it still a wonderful knife! I carried it for months, and only relegated it to the display when I got too nervous about the thought of losing it in daily activities.
I think his customs are far better than a production knife with his name added.

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I like Humpty am considering moving into the custom realm of knives with a Elishewitz custom. I found a gentleman who has a plain Mars for sale for $275. Now I am faced with the dilema of shelling out $275 for a preowned, supposeded brand new condition, Elishewitz, or saving a couple hundred buck more and getting one from the man himself.
Ultamately I know that the decision is mine, and mine alone, however I was hoping to get some feedback.


I've found that if the person says it's NIB then it usually is. People are pretty good about that most of the time. I've bought other expensive customs (ie. Sebenza) from others and I've had no problem. Hope that helps.


"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty dumpty had a great fall.
Maybe Humpty should of had a knife."

hi humpty
i own three of allens knives two bolster locks and a liner lock phantom and i also own three sebenzas i love them all, the elishewitz's are all smoother in operation and the bolster locks are rock solid i plan on adding more, may favorite however is the phantom with ray skin scales it has it all great looks, light and fast. for the extra money the elishewitz is well worth it.
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