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Elishewitz Mars

Oct 28, 1999
How is the Mars compared with other Elishewits knives? Thanks.


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I own two of Allen’s folders; a Striker with a liner-lock and a Mars with the newer Bolster Lock. As fond as I am of the Striker, I’d have to give the nod to the Mars in almost every respect. I find the slightly forward-raked recurve blade to be much more practical than the Striker’s geo-tanto for daily utility chores. The Bolster Lock is also a vast improvement over the liner-lock in my opinion…it’s as solid as a rock. Don’t get me wrong; I love my Striker (hell, I love all of Allen’s knives)…it’s just that I’ve found that the Mars is the knife that I tend to use and carry more often. It’s funny, but you don’t seem to hear as much about the Mars as you do the other Elishewitz folders…I’ve been very pleased with mine, though.