Emerson Co. SPECWAR and CQC7A, how's the lockup???

Mar 19, 1999
Hello people, i am gonna get both these models within the next month, and would like to know how the lock up is, where does the liner face sit on the tang, does the lock wear as fast as benchmades ti liners, and overall, do u think these are good. Oh, i'm getting the CQC7a-bead blast, half serrated w/drop point, and the SPECWAR clip blade, and black coating.
Rage, I have the same CQC-7 you are going to get. I am really happy with the knife. The blade locks up nice and tight. At first the liner lock was really tight to disengage but after some use it has worn in and is really nice now. The instructions with the knife said this is normal. It rests just past the mid point on the blade. I would probably have preferred that it stop at mid or just before, but it does not seem to be a problem. It passed the spine whack test with moderate force. I really have no desire to really whack it hard. It is extremely sharp as evidenced by a bald spot on my left arm. The serrations are extremely sharp also and nipped my finger while closing in on the first day. This brought quite a laugh from my wife. I can't say how the liner wears compared to a Benchmade, but I figure if it wears badly I can send it back for replacement. I did put a little Loc Tite on the pivot screw. It loosened with use and allowed the blade to sid toward one side. It is now rock solid and the blade is back to center despite much opening. Chris in MO

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I have tried both knives at one point, both of them have superior lockup. My personal preference, I like the feel of the spec war handle the most. Can't go wrong either way.

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I like the feel of the Specwar too, but the one I tried came completely unlocked in a moderate white knuckle grip...maybe just the one bad one in the bunch?

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I have had two of the SpecWar folders and both had excellent lock up and the pivot never came loose. I was unable to have the lock disengage no matter how I gripped it.

The couple of CQC-7's I had were a mix. The lock up was good on one, but the pivot always came loose and the blade would rub when opened. The other one never came loose, but the lock up was not very solid. I could easily get the lock to disengage with any 7 I handled in a saber grip.

My personal prference is for the SpecWar. Better quality knife in my experience and it has a better feeling grip. It is also a more secue grip with the thumb ramp and finger notch.

On all of the production knives, I think Emerson needs to have better quality control. Some of the production knives will rival handmades in fit and finish and some need to be completely redone.