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Emerson CQC-7

Oct 3, 1998
I saw this knife on Emerson's site and wondered if anyone knows the difference between it and its discontinued BM brother ie; heattreat,materials,workmanship so on and so forth.
I know that Ernie tweaked the handle ergonomics a bit to make it more comfortable in the grip. For instance, the edges of the G-10 slabs are radiused, similar to those of his Commander model. Judging from the handle comfort of my own Commander, the revised CQC7 should very very good in the grasp.

Materials-wise, look for the same as in the Benchmade version - titanium liners, G-10 scales, ATS-34 blade (55-58 Rc?) with partial serrations, and a black coated blade. The coating that Ernie uses is, I believe, Birdsong's Black-T (whereas Benchmade used their own proprietary BT2 Teflon based coating). Also, something that delights me is that the CQC7 will come with 2 blade styles - the original and a more conventional spearpoint hollow grind (This is the version I'll probably get if the itch gets unbearable
) In the area of screws - I believe Ernie will use flathead screws, Benchmade used hex and later switching to Torx. And the clip - can't forget about that - new version will have a clip that can be mounted to carry the knife tip up or tip down. With the Benchmade version, tip down was the only choice.

Well, that's about it I can think of at this point. There is a description of the new CQC7 on <a href="http://www.emersonknives.com">Emerson Knives'</a> website. Hope this info helps!

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

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